Micah 6:8

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    enoughisenough: peacefulpete is correct. words can change over periods of time.

    I'm not defending the WT translators, just acknowledging the possibility that the Hebrew words themselves, may have had possible variations in their meaning.

    And, of course, in our English language, words have 'shades' of meaning.

    Just think about the word love, is loyalty associated with love? I saw a scene on TV recently in which a young man accused of a violent crime, was supported by his parents. Without any doubt they loved him. Could their love for him have included loyalty?

    Does a man's love for his wife, include loyalty? A loyalty that precludes adultery.

    If you want more information, check out Wikipedia's entry on the complexities of love: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love

    Translating ancient documents is no easy task. I don't know the educational status of any WT translators, but if they don't know the ancient languages in which the documents they're translating were written, then they cant be translators, can they?

    My personal view, is that these 'frictions' over words is more evidence that we are dealing with human ideas, not the words of some faultless, mythical, divinity that supposedly created that ancient language.

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