JDub with pink hair at a cart - Video from SW England

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  • Wakanda

    1. Thanks for the hair answers peeps! Yeah, I was wondering if it had to do with her high melanin and curly hair. Such double standards. Thought the black people doing things us melanin challenged can't was a U.S. thing, it's too bad it's spread.

    That guy is a nutter. I was just astonished with the hair, and that crazy man not even drawing attention to the hypocrisy!!! She was in a composite clip he put together and it sent me searching for the full video. Maybe I'm the nutter.

    2. Let's review: It's a Cult!

    Now let's all leave this site and get on with our lives, she said sarcastically as she needs to talk about the hypocrisy and needs the group therapy (among other therapy).

    Thanks Simon!

  • truthseeker

    Where is this taken? Is this is a seaside town?

  • freddo

    I believe it is Plymouth, Devon. Which is indeed a city by the seaside. It features in this dubtown lego clip EPISODE 17...

    And of course "Robert Skinner" is featured.


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