JDub with pink hair at a cart - Video from SW England

by Wakanda 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Wakanda


    Go to minute nine for the third clip. What is up with that hair??? I'd be DF'd yesterday for that!

  • jp1692

    Ah, how cute. She's camera shy, that one!

    But we did learn the way of happiness: run away when people ask you uncomfortable questions.

    Let's review: It's a cult!

  • jaydee

    Saw a vid , that had one with blue hair once ...

    Image result for blue and black hair

  • freddo

    She's allowed because she is black. I grew up with a black jw friend in the 70's and while the elders were on my case when my hair was over the tops of my ears or collar he got a free pass for having an afro as big as sideshow bob's.

  • cofty

    Who is that nutter? He has a restraining order that prevents him from going into churches? WTF?

  • careful

    Maybe she's got a letter from her doctor saying it's OK? You know, like some brothers get such notes for permission to grow a beard. Or maybe she once sang with Prince and got permission that way? Maybe her BOE are all color blind? Maybe I should go and have another drink of Spatlese...

  • pale.emperor

    Ah that's nothing, there were a few black sisters in my circuit with hair like that. It's not like its dyed completely pink like some "young ones" do nowadays.

    This guy knows his stuff, but unfortunately he ruins it by going over the top on the offensive.

  • Phizzy

    I do like to see those on the Carts challenged, but I think it possible there may be gentler and more effective ways of doing it. But the more Vids. like this that show them running off, tail between their legs, the better.

    Such Vids show vividly to the Public that the JW Cult is not sure of its ground, it is a Con.

    When I was an active JW I went toe to toe with anyone, Apostates, Lords of the Realm, and Bishop's and Vicars etc all were given the benefit of my JW "knowledge". I was Theologically afraid of no-one.

    I must admit that a lot of what they said to me stayed with me, and contributed to my eventually waking up, but I was always up for a discussion. These cowardly no-nothing arrogant JW's are not. The old boy saying he had studied since he was 5, and is now 71, why then could he not defend his " faith" ?? Why did the old bugger have to run off ?

    Because he knew deep down his "truth" was no such thing !

  • snugglebunny

    I'm just astonished that the JW fella being harassed in the 9th minute onwards didn't tell his aggressor to fuck off.

  • careful


    The old boy saying he had studied since he was 5, and is now 71, why then could he not defend his " faith" ?? Why did the old bugger have to run off ?

    Because he's been told not to dialogue with anyone asking embarrassing questions or opposing in any way. Just shut down the display and move off. The GB realizes that someone dialoguing like you (and I) used to may indeed look into things and wind up leaving! We both spoke to such ones, and look what happened—we left!

    Your days, Phizzy, are long gone.

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