Their lamps are going out.

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  • biblexaminer

    Everyone here has read Mt. 25 and knows the illustration of the virgins with the lamps. I have mentioned this illustration in conversation with several dubbies, to draw attention to their foolishness in following Watchtower's false reasoning.

    In the illustration, there are two kinds of virgins, or people. Those who take extra oil containers and those who don't.

    I ask, what is the ONLY difference between the two groups? Is one set of virgins more chaste? Better looking maybe? LOL

    No. The only difference is the oil containers.

    And what does the oil container provide the holder with?

    One word. TIME.

    The lamps all burn with the same brightness. But not for the same amount of time.

    The foolish virgins who fail to think ahead about the long wait to come, who convince themselves that 'they know better' as to when the bridegroom will return, these take no oil container.

    In their cloistered mind, they figure that they know when he will come back, and 'much sooner than everyone else thinks'. Yes, they are brilliant! They have it all locked up.

    The wise virgins, on the other hand, fully accept Jesus' words, that "nobody knows the day and hour" of his return, and they understood that his absence would be of duration. So, they plan accordingly. The "dig in for the long haul". They prepare to wait as long as it takes, patiently.

    Today, I see may JWs whose lamp is running out of oil, or is empty already. They have lived for a day, perhaps not a day as was made by the ghost of Watchtower past, (1914, 1975etc) but a day of their own mind's making according to the Watchtower theology that they have consumed for so long.

    I am hearing horror stories that have no happy ending. Dubs that are running out of cash and have no option but to do manual labour well into their declining years. Yes, their oil is gone.

    It can result in horrific circumstances.

    Ver sad.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Very sad indeed. This is happening. I think of the foolish virgins like the GB though.

  • nowwhat?

    Very well thought out. Good job

  • waton

    very interesting application of that parable to the wt rubber generation with it's peaks.

    particularly since the "establishment of the kingdom" 1914? question in Acts 1:7 prompted Jesus to retort, that it would not be given to the future GB members (apostles to Herd) to understand time and seasons.

    WT of course has put self-replicating oil in it's canister by inventing the ever overlapping generation. but will it still shed light when the members suffer the burn-out? in 2075?

  • Finkelstein

    Yes I agree I'm starting to see that myself even within my own believing family.

    But not the GB members of the WTS they are already devising their plans toward their travels around the world where they are assumed to get treated like celebrities wherever they go.

    These guys probably don't have a retirement plan either but they are secure and looked after until they die.

    .......Sweet, this cult is indeed great for some of the JWS

  • steve2

    I heard on the news last week that construction of the huge underground metroline in Tottenham, London was due for completion in 2020.

    It reminded me of how the GB routinely announces construction plans - such as for Walkill - and casually gives the completion dates several years into the future.

    So someone obviously knows the end won't arrive before then.

  • Crazyguy

    Well when your told most of your life that the end will come before a generation of people die, it's god promise and it doesn't come true your left kinda hanging.

  • waton

    WT illustrations miss the point of progressive revelation, Rev 14.. these are MALE virgins. and of course they need much less oil than the "observers" the Other Sheep, because the anointed will join the future groom long before the end, that the sheep have to put up with.

    --Joining the groom actively in the pre-nuptial bloodbath of Armageddon. nice persons.

  • Finkelstein

    I think there is now a good portion of JWS accepting the fact that the WTS was involved in fraudulently commercializing the return of Christ and the supposed " End Times "

    The WTS was indeed involved in a commercialized marketing scam, where they exploited the basic public belief in the bible and turned people into subservient working slaves to meet their operating means, including getting people to donate their money and land.

    From that perspective one could say the WTS was a commercial success .

  • Diogenesister

    Excellent analogy. Really enjoyed that though sadly it applies to msny folks. I like the appeal to two aspects it would have for dubs too.

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