What Jesus' Return Would Mean for JWs, According to the Bible

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  • Afterburn

    On the last day, Jesus returns, and 8,000,000 Jehovah's Witnesses are shocked that he didn't return invisibly. Remembering the account of Stephen, they know if they can see him, they can speak directly to him, so they line up proudly to be rewarded for all they've done for his brothers.

    "Lord, Lord," they happily cry out, "just look what all we have done in your name!"

    "I know," Jesus says, "I saw. Your cult taught millions of people to ignore my repeated, crystal clear instructions to come to me. I do not know any of you, personally, because you have waited until now to speak directly to me. Did you not know that I am to be your judge? Did you not know that I began ruling as King of Kings and Lord of Lords in the first century? Did you not read any of the letters my disciples left for you?"

    Elder Tireless, the oldest among them, a man of 97 years, all of them spent in faithful service to the religion, steps forward and with a shaking, unsteady voice says, meekly, "But Lord, did we not spread explanations of prophecy in your name? Did we not cast out unrepentant sinners from our midst in your name? Did we not silence all who presumptuously questioned your Faithful and Discreet Slave class in your name? Did we not preach to all the world the good news that you would eventually come to lovingly terminate the lives of billions of people so we could live in their houses, in your name? Did we not regularly meet together to partake of spiritual food you provided, and convince millions of people to join us, all in your name?"

    Jesus shouts, "I did not command any of that! You have all rejected my commands in favor of the commands of men! You didn't even follow the most simple one, 'Come to me!' Even a small child can understand that command. Did I not say, 'Approach the kingdom of heavens as a child?' Who is it that you fed that was hungry? Who is it that you clothed that was naked? Who did you shelter in their need? Who was in prison that you visited? Only those from whom you also received something? Members of a mythical 'slave class' that you pretended I spoke about, from whom you believed you were receiving better truth than I could give you, by the teacher I told you that you must receive, the Holy Spirit? Or did you serve the least of these, my siblings? Did you serve those who could not possibly repay? Hypocrites! You literally shut up the kingdom of heavens before men, by removing from them a personal relationship with me! I am the narrow gate and the gatekeeper, did you not read? Or did you read ... and not get the sense of it?"

    Kneeling close to Elder Tireless, Jesus quietly, and sternly says, "You personally judged, persecuted, and punished people for violating commands of mere men; for violating the opinions of men who falsely claimed to speak for me, literally, in place of me. Did you not read in the letter to the Romans that no one should be judging another over differences of opinion? But you did read it, and you ignored it, preferring instead the false stories of liars who spoke falsely in my name. Did you never read what my disciple Matthew wrote about that? Did you learn nothing at all from John recounting the blind man I healed, and how the Jews responded? You were never appointed by me to stand in judgment in my place, the Pharisees sat in Moses' seat of judgment exactly as you seated yourself in mine."

    Jesus continues, as the crowd murmurs uncomfortably in dawning awareness of the accuracy of his words. Shifting his eyes among the elders he can most readily spot, "When did I ever breathe one single word about 'paradise earth' or 'two hopes?' You lied to the world about my good news of a reconciled relationship to God. And how dare you twist my words and those of my disciples to justify secret meetings of judgment, a thing that never once came into my heart to do to another human. Did you not read that you should judge nothing until the appointed time, and that I would be doing the judging? Did you not see Paul's counsel to Timothy that all reproof should be given before all onlookers? Did you not care that the Sanhedrin that convened to convict me falsely as a blasphemer, did so in direct violation of the law at a time when it would not be public? You imitated the Pharisees, not me, not my disciples. Did you have no fear that I would hold you in judgment for the cruelty you did in secret, in my name?"

    He stands again, as a somber hush falls over everyone, tears streaming from Elder Tireless' old eyes. Only his sobs heard.

    Jesus continues, speaking loudly enough for all to hear, "Worst, of all the things each of you did, you taught people that I was a false God, and that speaking directly to me would be an act of idolatry. I instructed everyone to come to me, to drink from me, to learn from me, to be refreshed by me. Repeatedly. Routinely. You taught them all to ignore me. Paul explained repeatedly that his ministry was one of reconciliation, through me as the mediator, and you publicly denied the truth of his words. Instead, you preached a message of dedication to a religion, the antithesis of my teachings. The first time I came, it was to end religions and to provide a way for each of you to have a reconciled personal relationship with God. That was my entire purpose in coming. Did you not read that I said 'I am the way, and the truth, and the life?' Did you not understand from this that I am the way of entry into the naos, into the very temple of God, through the curtain of my sacrificed flesh? Paul told you. Did you not read? Did you not understand that I am all three curtains through which the High Priest would annually pass, in addition to being your High Priest and King?"

    With a deep sigh, Jesus finishes, "You know you are sinners, and all I told you that you needed to do was to come to me, personally, and seek from me a restored relationship with God. You and I would have worked out your personal salvation between us, individually. You did not seek me out for what I offered you. You never once approached the way of entry into the temple, you never even approached the narrow gate that leads to life. Because you never did so, your sins remain. I never knew you. Get away from me, you workers of iniquity."

    According to the Bible, that is what Jesus' return would mean for Jehovah's Witnesses. I urge you, please don't take my word for it. I'm a stranger on the Internet. The full and irrefutable proof of my claim is right there in your own Bible.

    Supporting Scriptures:

    • John 3
    • John 6-10
    • John 14-16
    • Matthew 7:13-23
    • Matthew 15
    • Matthew 28:18-20
    • Hebrews (the whole letter, paying attention to the timing of Jesus' commencing of role as King and High Priest)
    • 2 Corinthians 5:11-6:2
    • 1 Timothy 2:1-7
    • Matthew 23
    • Hebrews 10:5-25 (Yeah, yeah, I know, you just read it ... humor me)
    • Acts (the whole letter, looking carefully for any example of Christian baptism that required a prayer of dedication or any public declaration of loyalty to any religion)
    • Galatians 1:6-9
    • Romans (the whole letter, looking carefully for where anyone is authorized to judge besides Jesus)

    These "books" were letters. Read them as what they were. Learn how first century Christians actively put into practice what they had been taught, and mark well where their practices differ from the practices of Jehovah's Witnesses. You will soon find that there is very little Scriptural support for any element of Christian worship as carried out by Jehovah's Witnesses. They are lying to the whole world. Their whole cult is based on twisted opinions of very few men applied to Scriptures.

    DISCLAIMER: I am capable of observing what the Bible does and does not teach. Any writing of mine that discusses the Bible or that challenges JW teachings based on the Bible will always be presented from the perspective of someone who does believe the Bible is the infallible, inspired word of God.

  • Vanderhoven7

    The main issue I see here is that the leadership of the WTS has prevented its members from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Crazyguy2

    Great post the only thing I see as an issue is some of the other New Testament Scriptures contradict what you posted like romans only saying Jesus is the judges yet in Revelations it speaks of others being judges. This is where the problem lies with me and the Bible. It’s seems as though the writings were not in agreement with each other and were written by different sects of Christianity

  • Afterburn

    Crazyguy2, I understand why you might perceive that as a problem. They do conflict, somewhat, don't they? But, what did Jesus say, according to the Bible? And, the entire letter to the Romans was not a prophecy offered in symbols about future events at a later time, but about how Christians should view things in general, no?

    The letter of Romans literally states that no one should be judging one another about <drumroll!> opinions! What has the Governing Body stated their interpretations are? Oh, yes, that's right. Opinions. "Best surmises." They directly defy what Romans says when they judge others over differences of opinions, especially when they do so over opinions about interpretations, and Revelation says nothing at all to contradict that point made in Romans.

  • nowwhat?

    That may be the all time best post here!

  • mikeflood

    According to the Borg last version, Jesus is gonna come to make the separation of the people between goats and sheeps, that's marks the beggining of the so called great tribulation. This is the main reason behind the discipline of the JW. They have the mentality that this world is in the brink of disaster.

  • Rattigan350

    When Jesus said he is to return, he was not referring to his returning to the earth. He was referring to his disciples returning to him as in his resurrecting them to be with him in heaven.

  • Rattigan350

    Vanderhoven, No one prevents people from having a relationship with Jesus Christ, except there is no point in it. He is not the objective. He is a priest bringing people to Jehovah God. Israelites could have friendly relationships with the high priests, but the high priests were just a go between. The whole point was to bring them to God.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    If Jesus returned, they'd 'kill' him. (Disfellowship, slander etc.)

  • Hairtrigger

    This Jesus that is spoken of in the Bible....’made the lame walk ,the blind see and the dead alive. Cured the sick, healed lepers, walked on water , jingoed water into wine, fed five thousand with two loaves and five fishes ... or was it five loaves and two fishes? No matter ... Yet not a single Roman heard nor inquired into this amazing man’s magical performances. Not a single Roman heard or talked or wrote about these things. And the areas where Jesus lived and preached was chock full of Romans who kept their ear to the ground for any Jewish uprising or whispers of revolt. Surely a man who can raise another from the dead would make headlines in that ancient community or any community for that matter ancient or modern! BUT not a wimper or cackle from anyone.. Jew or Gentile. Whatever was written began to be written 30 to 70 years after the fact .. if they were facts! And by third or fourth person or persons who were no eye witness to these so called ‘miraculous ‘events. And these writings too, contradict each other.

    The leaders of the Catholic Church know and have known the Bible to be a flawed and man made book but keep ‘Christianity ‘alive for the money it brings and the subsequent power it buys them. Hell they even have their own country and banking system in place! The born agains know this ; the televangelists know this . But religion and so called Christianity is a money spinner and a career maker. The GB know this . Al the leaders of the thousands of sects are in this for the money it brings. And they chose to define the events according to the suitability it afforded their spin on the book. Believers may rant and rave and hope and pray. For divine intervention! The ones who make up the beliefs for the flock , are laughing all the way to the bank. And sipping expensive scotch while driving in Caddy’s to it!!

    For if the story is flawed, the history can’t be true! And if there is no truth in the history, then that history,s future is flawed reasoning. And that is grist for the mill - for charlatans and con men. Which the leaders of the 40000 plus ‘ Christian ‘Sects are. And Charlatans and Confidence tricksters , both men and women , have nothing no to fear from a flawed, man-made book’s retributory promises. For that promise of the imaginary retribution works in their favor as well- as a conciliatory palliative for the flock’s impotent rage upon discovery of their deception.

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