reps of the JW.0rg kiosk looking very Sea.0rg'ish

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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    So there are 6 sisters and two brothers. The brothers look like guards and the sisters look like airline stewardesses (Come Fly with Us or Die!)

    Probably the Brothers at the hall came up with the idea but only sisters were willing to meet and greet. The two Bro's at the back were blackmailed into doing it.

    The thing is, where are they going to run to, when difficult questions come up? Will they point at a screen and say, JW org. has all the answers? Then they will look pretty dumb.

  • tiki

    For real??? Theyve spiraled completely out of reality..the uniform look is creepy.

  • steve2

    8 retailers to serve who exactly?

    I can bear the uniforms - just - but the presence of 8 of them is surely intimidating to potential customers.

    Even "worldly" business owners know that you stack the floor with too many retailers at your peril because customers do not want to feel conspicuous when they enter a shop - although you may have some retailers waitng out back for when customers start flooding in.

    Surely this is overkill.

  • LongHairGal
    Maybe the extra people are bouncers in case an "apostate" or overly questioning person comes in?

    This is a horror and certainly not warm or inviting to anybody remotely interested in Christianity. All the old timer JWs must be turning in their graves to see what the religion has turned into. What next?

  • oppostate

    This is free publicity and brand exposure for JW.0rg since the locals would have come up with the whole kit.

    Betcha if the WT put it on it would not have included so many manning the display.

    They look like they are just there to be seen, which seems to be the way of Witnessing these days.

  • Hecce

    The couple that posted this video are the owners of the now closed EXTJ forum in Miami.

    Good people

  • Hairtrigger

    What's next?

    I get a sneaky feeling these moneygrabbers are going commercial soon. I mean the retail business like costumery, advertising, houskeeping, general merchandise etc.with brand names like " True Religion", as in COLD STEEL's satirical thread elsewhere.

    They need money. What better way to ensure the million odd dubs in the US and Canada spend all their money in future JW. Stores. And when the general public begin shopping _ well that's the icing on the bank account!

  • Incognito

    Looks to be pretty dead for a youth fair which is intended to be a place of fun. The few teens who walked by near the end of the clip, didn't even glance at that booth. Maybe they are a long ways away from the fun stuff.

    I wonder who paid for that booth and registration fee? I expect the workers had to supply their own clothes.

    The size of the booth and number of workers, implies they are expecting a huge number of visitors at one time. Have they learned nothing from the cart work? Perhaps WT will try almost anything to boost membership, of any age.

    Easy FS hours for booth workers.

  • AudeSapere

    This fairly large kiosk was set up at a 'youth fair' in Miami USA.

    It's real odd. A kiosk like that costs thousands of dollars to make.

    It's just odd from every angle.

  • steve2

    Imagine a booth like this set up at a college or university where students who dropped in were advised to forgo higher education by becoming JWs. Fool circle?

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