reps of the JW.0rg kiosk looking very Sea.0rg'ish

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  • oppostate

    Amazing how cults end up looking so similar. Have you ever wondered how Budhist monks and Catholic monks look and behave so similarly? Or Why Mormons and JW religion have so many parallels?

    Here's reps of the JW.0rg kiosk looking very Sea.0rg'ish

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Uniforms! Since when?!

  • Darkknight757

    Yikes! I love the sign, "Your family can be happy." Like a family needs to be happy. 🙄

  • sparrowdown

    Yikes indeed. Welcome to Witnessworld. 😫


    reps of the JW.0rg kiosk looking very Sea.0rg'ish

    WTF was that?!

    It looks like Disneyland collided with a WBT$ interior designer.

    Came up with a Vintage Video Store theme....And...

    Staffed it with People in Uniforms, who look Crazy.

    It`s a place Only a JW would walk into.

    Whats the Friggin Point?!!

    Image result for kiosk.

  • BluesBrother

    I did not translate the site but it looks to be some exhibition stand.... very professional, very slick . I'd find it intimidating.

    If I was looking to buy a car or double glazing this is what one might expect...but religion? Christianity? No....

  • Vidiot

    Obviously the same marketing consultants.

    That's just good business, really. :smirk:

  • steve2

    Who would be composed enough to enter such a store with so many reps waiting to pounce? I could imagine doing so if they sell a necessary product such as smart phones. And eight reps?! Why so many - all counting time? Where is this?

    Not surprised no member of the public enters the store - even to browse. Pounce. Awkward.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Hahaha! What is that scripture in Ecclesiastes which says: "... the making of many books of which there is no end, and the pursuit of them is wearisome to the flesh..."

    I also remember being stumped in field service one time when I was sharing the scripture which said, "For all scripture is inspired by God... that the man of God may be fully competent, completely equipped... etc." and the householder asked me, "If that's true, why do you guys have all those extra books and magazines...?"

  • Vidiot
    Outlaw - "Whats the Friggin Point?!!"

    Rewards WT loyalists with the cushiest ministry gig ever, so that the Org and its members can say - unequivocally - that they're actively "preaching", whilst also guaranteeing that said "preaching" accomplishes absolutely nothing.

    Credit where credit's due. :smirk:

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