Pioneer School Funny Picture

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  • pale.emperor
    The words weird and retards come to my mind, no disrespect to J.W's intended,

    Or retards.

  • wannaexit

    At least this is a happy bunch. I went back to look at my pioneer class picture and everyone is as stiff as a board.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    This is either a bunch of Pioneers who had a normal group picture taken and were asked to do a " crazy photo" just for fun...


    This photo was taken moments after the overlapping generation concept was explained to them for the first time.

  • ToesUp

    Looking at the photo, one word comes to mind.....MISFITS!!!

    They are a dime a dozen in this cult!

  • truth_b_known

    I realize I have been out for over a decade, but as previously mentioned, just about every person in that photo would have received a strong counselling and a threat of removal as a pioneer for 1) the way they are dressed, and 2) the way they are acting. If I had shown up to Pioneer School wearing a purple shirt and a bow tie I would be told I had 20 minutes to go home and change. I would also be told to thing and pray over how serious representing Jehovah is.

    Not only am I no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses, but I don't think they really exist anymore. I got the guilting of a text with a link to the "Return to Jehovah" video. Return? How? The organization I left no longer exists.

  • Phizzy

    truth b known, I always thought it would be great if they threatened to DF me, to say, "But I have never been a member of your religion, how can you DF me from something I have never fellowshipped within ?"

    And then go on to outline how, since I left, about 14 years ago, it has All Changed !

    It truly is a different religion, not any better really, but I think they have got more sneaky in the way they make today's JW's THINK it is better, allowing them to do silly photo's etc. Oh how those suckers are being conned !

  • OnTheWayOut

    While this is probably not the main photo they took, such antics would not have been allowed on any additional photos 'back in the day.'

    While Watchtower was always too stiff, too strict, I don't wish it to get even slightly more casual or lighten up on members' personal choices- for the simple reason that they will wake up easier if they see what a mind-control situation they are really in.

  • Magnum

    This is JWs saying "Look at us. We're cool. We're hip. We're normal people. See, we like to have fun!" But, it just doesn't work. They still look like the corny, self-righteous, naïve, not hip, not cool, goody-goodies that they are.

    A few years ago, in a previous job, I was sent a number of times to work on some equipment at a Walmart in a small town in the southern U.S. Every time I would see women who were obviously part of some local church or religious group. They had very long hair, usually in a bun or under some kind of head covering, they didn't wear pants (only skirts and dresses), and they just had the look of backwards hillbillies.

    What was interesting, though, is that I would often seen their teenaged daughers wearing denim skirts and Nike shoes as if they were saying "Look at us. See, we're hip. We're wearing denim and athletic shoes." It just didn't work.

  • Uzzah

    Pioneer School for me was 1983. We did the same thing. Serious picture and then a stupid/fun one. A year later I was in Bethel. Each area tended to have their own rules/standards (local elders/demigods). For example, some elders demanded only white dress shirts be worn at meetings. <eyeroll>

  • Simon

    Looks like people asked to pull a funny pose for a group photo.

    Like a million and one other group photos.

    Almost like they are ... and I know this is "out there" ... real people!

    I don't think we really need to ridicule people if that's the purpose of this, I think it's pretty sad that people feel the need to do so.

    Why not just leave them be? This is just an attempt at online bullying and if that's the case I'm always going to be on their side.

    We shouldn't be making ourselves their enemy. Unless you know them personally, you are just making fun of people for no purpose other than to be a jerk.

    Why not post your own "JW" life pictures, so we can all laugh at those?

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