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  • ScenicViewer

    Baptizing children.

    Watchtower has published articles detailing the baptism of children as young as 6 years old. Two examples..

    (Baptized at 6)
    In the summer of 1946, I was baptized at the international convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Although I was only six years of age, I was determined to fulfill my dedication to Jehovah. That summer I served as a pioneer for the first time. I remember one morning placing 40 magazines with people seated at The Plaza in San Diego, California. My being tiny and talkative had a lot to do with it, I’m sure. (W 3-1-1992, p27. Pursuing a Goal Set at Six Years of Age, life story of Sandra Cowan)

    (Baptized at 8)
    "In Bonaire, six-year-old Renzo was invited to the Kingdom Hall and enjoyed it very much. A Bible study was started with him, and from then on he refused to go to the Catholic church....Subsequently, Renzo’s father and mother along with one of Renzo’s Bible students were baptized. Renzo, now eight years old, was baptized at a circuit assembly in Bonaire." (Year Book 2002, p. 110 Curaçao)

    Only adults were baptized in the Bible. Even Jesus himself, who was no doubt much more advanced than normal 12 year olds and was discussing scripture with the priests, was not baptized until he reached adulthood. When he was 12 the Bible says - "47 Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers." (Luke 21:47)

    Watchtower has continually said that 30 was the age of manhood in that society, which was Jesus' age at the time of his baptism.

    Baptizing small children is a clear example of "going beyond what is written."

    As a side point, when those baptized children are misbehaving in some way they are treated as adults in judicial situations.

    "When a baptized minor becomes involved in wrongdoing that threatens the cleanness of the congregation, the assigned committee should meet with such individual just as they would with any other member of the congregation" (Pay Attention to Yourself and to All the Flock, p. 98)

  • Rainbow_Troll

    How about starting with their dress and grooming code? Exposing false doctrines is like unraveling tangled yarn, but the petty rules they impose on others is easier to refute. Ask him where the mosaic law or Jesus condemns facial hair or tight fitting trousers.

  • waton
    Won't a jw use the overlapping generation thing to answer that?

    caria, thank you for caring! well, they could not, for the timing of the departure of the anointed is fixed by the fact that they have to be gone and in heaven ahead of the Great Tribulation / battle in which they participate as immortal warriors. The fact that the anointed are gone from the Earth before the GT contradicts Jesus' words, (and the history of the first century) that the anointed do survive the destruction!

    The overlapping only makes the generation longer. the wt anointed generation is not too long, but too short,*** too short by the duration of the GT and Armageddon, even the start of paradise! *** I started a topic with that title.

    wt is going beyond what is written when they call the generation the "anointed". the required overlap is just one more added proof that wt is wrong.

  • LongHairGal


    The JW religion definitely goes beyond what is written and is filled with hypocrisy.

    I worked full time and was criticized like as though the Bible said "Thou shall not work full time and must distribute magazines". This by people who either already made their living before they came into the religion or were living off the pension of a non-JW spouse. If that is not hypocrisy I don't know what is.

    Much of what JWs do and say is not in the Bible but is an invention of the JW religion.

  • steve2

    The no-beards-for-males rule is the exact opposite of letting the Bible interpret itself!

  • tor1500


    You can ask how does the FDS give us the food. Most likely he will say they are guided or inspired by the Holy Spirit. They claim they only follow Gods word. You say to Dad, right? Then you go to the study WT that says they are not inspired nor infallible. You say to Dad again, right?So now Dad, if they are not inspired, who is feeding the flock? If the Holy Spirit is guiding the writers/FDS and then there is a new brighter light does the Holy Spirit lie or are the FDs deaf. Or would you say since they are going beyond what is written. And if Jehovah is directing this org. Is his compass off.

    But what you have to realize. He is chosen. He is in Gods organization and that's the hook and bait right there. They feel just like the Jews. Chosen


  • Chook

    The most horrific statement that this church has made is " some of you won't taste death at all"

  • stuckinarut2

    The bible records Jesus as condemning the religious leaders of his day for "making the word of God invalid because of their traditions" (Mark 7:13)

    The Society / JW are the very epitome of that!

    They have "gone beyond the things written" IN SO MANY WAYS

  • Vanderhoven7

    Yes adding to the scriptures




    Commands of men

    Instructions to disobey commands in scripture.

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