Are you driven by vengeance or Payback?

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  • Fisherman

    “There is nothing more ironic and curious than a trapper being caught in his own trap or a plot backfiring. Ironic justice is the best revenge.” The inventor of the brazen bull, one if the most heinous torture devices in history was tricked to go inside of it and died of the torture he created.

    Probably one of the greatest movies ever made features revenge as its theme: Once Upon a Time in the West. Sadly in this movie the main character doesn’t rely on ironic justice happening by God or chance. Driven by revenge he devotes his life seeking it until he gets it. He lives around his devotion. Everywhere else not in the west faces jail time if caught getting payback. —Unless you work for the government and you can get away with it by acting under the cloth of law.

    One of the themes of the Bible is vengeance and retribution and ironic justice and the peace it will bring to the mind and emotions. Life is not possible without first justice and revenge or punishment by God— is a conclusion after reading the Bible

    Future don’t matter to us. Nothing matters now, not the land, not the money, not the woman; I came here to see you. Cause I know that now you’ll tell me what you’re after. “Only at the point of dying.” “I know”

    —Scene before the dance of death and duel in the movie: Once Upon a Time in the West.

    —Only in the West. Will vengeance come in the form of ironic justice for those who wait?

  • jwundubbed

    I'm driven by a desire to live a decent life. That does not include vengeance nor payback. But if it did, the best payback is living the best and healthiest and happiest life that I can.

  • enoughisenough

    I believe people will reap what sow...I just wish I would be there to see it in some cases.

  • BluesBrother

    One of the most helpful and liberating thoughts I read in a self-help book was this question: …. “Who ever promised you that life was going to be fair”?

    The fact is that life is unfair. The bad people prosper, the good die young and kindly folk are often exploited by the selfish.. That’s the way life is, so accept that it will happen, we cannot change the world .

    Learn from life’s bad experiences, move on , learn to deal with it . It is often said that “the best revenge is a life well lived”

  • Bartolomeo

    Revenge has definitely never been part of my set of rules of life.
    Of course I suffer in noting and sometimes experiencing on my skin the various injustices that life puts you in front of but I have always believed in a kind of "law of universal balance" which I am convinced in the long run will do its job.
    In the same order of ideas I believe that part of my misfortunes may be the consequence of the injustices I have committed more or less consciously.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    "What is best in life?"

    "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."

  • TonusOH
    Fisherman: The inventor of the brazen bull, one if the most heinous torture devices in history was tricked to go inside of it and died of the torture he created.

    That's because he was gullible enough to fall for the old 'can you demonstrate how it works' ploy.

  • truth_b_known

    Jodi Picoult Quote: “When you begin a journey of revenge, start by digging  two graves: one

    There is no justice. You can choose peace or you can chose vengeance. If you pick the latter be prepared for your own undoing.

  • waton

    I am driven by evidence based hope, pleasure and work. karma will come automatically. is already happening.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert


    On this site I only deal with one issue. Which is the deception in the Sept. 1 1987 Wt. article "A Time to speak When?" with regard to the "witness" in par. 6 " where the 'witness' has a responsibility to come forth with testimony when a "adjuration" is put forth when there is a trial going on in the Jewish court.

    Yet in par.7 it states "put the responsibility upon each Israelite to report to the judges any serious wrongdoing that he observed so that the matter might be handled."

    This article was written in 1987! It was in 1984 when the church started the "obedience to the organization mantra" necessitated by the demise of 1975 and the oracle F. Franz inability to come up with a line of BS to continue the cornerstone concept of Matt.24:34. The church conspired to shut down minds as the works of F. Franz was fiction the same as Ron L Hubbard. Since 1975 there has not been real "new light" as there was during the 1960's! Unless you want to count "Splain"s insight on Matt.24:34.

    The article "A Time to speak When?" in reality was the fabrication of a hunting license to ferret out the brand new emerging enemy "the apostate"! It was this time period that this new enemy appeared. Prior to 1975 the enemy was "Satan". This is part of a conspiracy to control minds in that there was no new oracle to come up with a line of BS with regard to Matt.24:34! So if the church could not offer "spiritual food" to explain the "delay of the master" then the "slave" turned evil and conspired to shut down minds and control dissent by means of destroying families by shunning. This article instituted a "Gestapo informant policy" of which is not in the Bible. Hence the necessity to twist the "witness" who has the responsibility to bring forth testimony when a "call to testify" is put forth in a courtroom setting. And turn the witness into a SNITCH!

    You got a problem with that, Google commentary on Lev.5:1 go to Bible Hub and there will be opened up to you a fascinating study on Jewish court procedure. I will send a $100.00 check to the first person who is sharp enough to locate in that material where it is a "crime victim" putting fort the "adjuration" or "call to testify" and not a magistrate/judge.

    2013 two things happened I got put in the Human Apostate" talk for writing letters to the publishers homes. The church revised their Bible and completely revised Lev.5:1. To this day the church has kept the "new light" of that revision cloaked in silence! Why? Because to understand the true meaning of Lev.5:1 is to understand the deception in the 1987 Wt. article "A Time to Speak When?"! The importance is NOT that there was a deception perpetrated but how this deception relates to the 'blood transfusion policy"

    So the question is; What is the moral, ethical, legal requirement that a church has to be transparent to its adherents that it uses deception to formulate official and enforceable policy, when at the same time they have an official and enforceable policy requiring the forfeiture of human life?

    The issue I am dealing with is to prove that the church is guilty of murder with innocent women, children! Will my efforts in putting this line of reasoning to various agencies come to fruition time will tell. I haven't had any response. If my efforts are successful and some agency takes issue with the murder on innocents I will have publicly humiliated the Governing Body to the point that their alcoholic soaked hearts will not be able to handle the humiliation of being caught in their own deception as contained in the article "A Time to Speak When?"!

    I have literally ended the life of one elder so is it vengeance or payback to do the same to the Governing Body? They took my family I will take their lives! You might want to read my initial post.

    You need to read Barbara Andersons essay "Flawed Decree Conceals Criminals". She got the history right but she was not wanting to listen as to the reason the church was cloaking the RNWT revision in silence, she only saw her own agenda as to applying it to molestation's. Randal Waters had a problem with Barbara, I got the same problem. It seems Randal Waters had his posts removed from this site, will I meet the same fate?

    Hey Satan here is a "pearl" see what you can do to rip it apart Matt.7:6

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