Do You Believe Hunger Strikes Truly Accomplish Anything?

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  • scratchme1010
    I see that stars are protesting something and to make a point, they go on a hunger strike. Prisoners sometimes are angry over their treatment and decide to stop eating. Some feel laws should be changed and make their point by refusing to eat.
    Do hunger strikes give you pause? Do you really care?

    In other posts I have mentioned how important planning is in any form of activism. Hunger strikes are supposed to be a form of activism. Here are my thoughts on it:

    Without any purpose, without any clear goal as to what the hunger strike is supposed to accomplish, it (and anything else for that matter) is nothing but a waste of time.

    Here's an example of well planned, effective activism:

    Here's an example of horrible, useless disorderly conduct, disguised as activism:

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