I need sources for all the times JWs have expected Harmageddon

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  • Finkelstein

    The JWS core theology is set and founded in the late 19 century Adventist movement which began in mostly in America's east coast.

    Great subject to proselytize and propagate particularly for a religious publishing house but it is not supported by Scripture and is in fact an act of apostasy.

    Christ has taken his heavenly throne is about to cast out Satan from the earth and destroy all who have taken him as as personal savior and made a public devotion through baptism. ... etc.

    This is why the JWS teach and profess that Armageddon is imminently soon.

    Why is this a false doctrine, a false teaching, a false Gospel ?

    Becasue Jesus himself said that no one knows of the time not even he but only the father and his own sacred time.

  • Etude

    Thank you, everyone, for the information and commentaries. I didn't particularly want them to go away and keep on with their beliefs. In the past, I've brought up the Mexico/Malawi issue, but they just claim ignorance and I'm left with the feeling they're not going to run home and look it up.

    I thought I would concentrate more on stuff they're familiar with. Since they're telling me how bad things are, I pointed out specific examples of the good that is happening around the world. That made them a bit uneasy admitting it. They had asked me what God thinks about the problems in the world. I responded by saying "not much," since he doesn't seem to be around and talk to us about it. Then they trot out the Bible to quote what he said. I said that, if they are His, those words are thousands of years old, and he hasn't said or done much lately.

    So, I sought to engage them with what they feel the future will be by bringing up what their predictions of the future have been. I also want to hand them a resumé of what they explain now will happen next. It may seem I´m a glutton for punishment because, in the end, I may not change any minds. But for me, it´s an exercise in polemics and my ability to argue. I´m just not great with popping sources out of my head.


  • Etude



    You're a wealth of information!

  • Etude



    Good argument on the literature-based doctrines! That is why I wanted to clobber them with strategically placed references to their own literary crap. We'll see how it goes.

  • vienne

    Probably few Witnesses would leave over this issue. They believe in a progressive understanding. What drives many is untoward events, bad behavior by others, personal offense, uncertainties, and a dictatorial, authoritarian structure foreign to many Western cultures. Perhaps the best approach, if you want to evangelize Witnesses, is to work on that level.

    For my mother, who was never a Witness, the question was, "Is this right? Should Christians behave this way?" Bad behavior by authority figures defines organizations.

    Another issue, as my young eyes see it, is that some simply do not wish to live within the shifting rules set by Witness authority figures.

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