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  • asp59

    "organization will tell it's members to sign over their mortgages and savings to the organization" Think it was instructed to elders, when visiting JWs that have come of age, to possible turn there house over too org before death. Read it some years ago. Happend in the 90s, but many elders in congregations refuse to do so. Maeby someone knows more abouth this. And yes going 100% online seem a given when new medía center is set up.

  • hybridous
    Think its a kh sell out on the way. Real big one. Hebrews 10:25 | Let us not give up Meeting Together, as Some are in The Habit of Doing, but let us Encourage one Another and All The More as You See The Day Approaching. Bible ( God) say meeting together. GB wanna sell khs.

    Yeah, this has been my guess for a while.

    The COVID + associated economic fallout presents a

    Once-in-a-Generational opportunity for...whoever really runs this 'religion'...

    This chance to sell off the properties cannot be allowed to go un-seized...

    It wouldn't be like the WT to leave money on the table...would it?

    I figure that the decision has already been made...now they're just trying to come down to exactly how much to keep...

    How much do they really need to feed appearances? To keep the believers marching along, thinking it's all OK...? Maybe they keep a couple of regional 'flagship' KHs...sell the rest.

    My suppositions...

  • JWTom

    Hybridous - I think you are one the right track.

  • Biahi

    Now what, maybe they will sign over their houses, in return for the society taking over ownership of their house, like the Kingdom Halls. You know, your mortgage is now paid off, just continue to pay us in perpetuity.

  • punkofnice
    LHG - JWs would absolutely have to be out of their god-damned minds to follow this!

    Errrr, you mean they're not?

  • notsurewheretogo

    I think the recent encouragement in the latest WT to be obedient whether it appears strange, impractical or illogical has nothing to do with KH or money.

    I think they, the GB 2.0, believe the end is very close and there will need to be some sort of physical activity required like fleeing.

    My PIMI wife is going on about the "go-bag" that she needs. I can imagine the scene where tensions arise between the UK and Russia to the point there is conflict and all families will be told to flee as the GT is here etc.

    I think the GB are holding off doctrinal changes that are obviously required before they lose anymore people at a faster rate like the 144,000...607 BCE, 1914 etc but they are holding off due to the GT being so close in their minds.

    But the reality is the GT will not come and they will have to change doctrines and might that be the illogical or strange or impractical things they mention?

    Like cut yourself off from the internet?

    Whilst they are money orientated I don't envisage this batshit crazy new WT stuff to be a driver to sell KH's.


    The GB says Dubs should die instead of taking blood.

    The GB says that Inactive Ones deserve the same fate as DF’d ones.

    The GB says they can’t possible go through all their records of Child Abuse because it would take too long to compile all the information.

    The GB says to take Faucci’s Jab because respect for life is important. ( Just ignore the glaring hypocrisy when compared to the No Blood policy )

    Is there anything Dubs won’t do if the GB demands it??

    Dubs were selling their homes Pre-1975 and the GB did nothing to discourage it. If the truth were known, the only thing that really disappointed the GB was the fact that the Dubs didn’t sell to them at that time. The GB probably wished they’d had the foresight to set up a Dummy Corporation so they would now own all the Real Estate that was sold to “Worldly” folks.


  • a watcher
    a watcher

    notsure, 'flee' where? Where are 8 million JWs going to 'flee' TO?

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