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  • nowwhat?

    I believe the the organization will tell it's members to sign over their mortgages and savings to the organization. Because of the impending fall of the financial institutions and the organization is the only place where it will be safe. This has to be the only scenario possible because obviously they won't do a jonestown and where could 8 million flee to? Certainly not the Warwick compound. And if this is the case what percentage would readily obey?

  • Reservations

    I’ve been thinking this exact same thing recently.

    No way they will go Jonestown route

  • punkofnice

    Why wouldn't they?

    They've been trying to coerce the R&F(TM) into giving them everything for a long time.

    In 2021 when the Governments are using fear to force us to conform, why wouldn't the GovBod?

  • truth_b_known

    Are you thinking the Watchtower will say -

    "It's not safe for Jehovah's loyal servants to meet in a place where the public is invited. We will be lovingly selling all Kingdom Halls and Assembly Halls. Proceeds will go to support the World Wide Work through our studio. That way brothers and sisters can safely meet in the privacy of their own homes to receive Jehovah's precious spiritual food at the right time through his Governing Body."

  • User99

    Yes, they could put their twist on Matt. 15:5 and Mark 7:11 - a gift dedicated to God. Make the people feel holy for “dedicating their homes to God”.

  • LongHairGal


    I don’t know, this sounds so extreme that I believe JWs would absolutely have to be out of their god-damned minds to follow this!

    This would be much worse than a pre-1975 scenario where the gullible and stupid quit jobs, got into debt, sold houses to live off the proceeds until ‘Armageddon’ came. And what happens this time when nothing occurs and you hear crickets? What will all the ‘faithful’ 🙄 do then?…I’m glad to be nowhere near these people!

  • mikeflood

    Yeah .....I would say selling all of the KH too. That's not sound from a human viewpoint. Other thing, loosen the faithful, so each one on their own, to avoid legal responsability.

  • asp59

    Think its a kh sell out on the way. Real big one. Hebrews 10:25 | Let us not give up Meeting Together, as Some are in The Habit of Doing, but let us Encourage one Another and All The More as You See The Day Approaching. Bible ( God) say meeting together. GB wanna sell khs. So you should obey them cause God guides them and not regular JWs. A way to move away from what is written.

  • Overrated

    It would not surprise me if the GB would sell off halls and convention halls. And convince the brothers to mortgage their homes to Watchtower because the end is so-so near. Another 1975 scam for money and power. How many people will fall for this is hard to say.

  • JWTom

    I think the direction is going to be a list like this:

    • Sell all Kingdum Halls.
    • Sell all Assembly Halls.
    • Go completely online with subscription fee to access JW Land content.
    • Once a year convention.
    • End of door to door ministry.

    These things by themselves will cause a heart attack for many PIMIs.

    Other suggestions like sign over all your money, group poisoning, etc.....is too over the top extreme and would backfire in a huge way with many PIMIs.

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