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  • Formerbrother

    My marriage is ending. Its been over for a long time to tell the truth.

    Im not completely out of the Borg and dont want to be DFed.

    I want to keep contact with fam and friends, but Im very lonely now.

    Which are the best JW dating sites which have free options?

    Im not going to pay a lot, just want to meet some single sisters or ex sisters.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • carla

    On one hand you say, "Im not completely out of the Borg and dont want to be DFed" but on the other hand you say, "...ex sisters". Am I confused? let's say you meet some nice ex jw and you hit it off, once she (the apostate) meet with your family that will be pretty much it for you won't it? df-ing will be in order?

    Please don't meet up with some nice ex jw and then expect her to go to meetings once and awhile so you can keep your family. In all likelihood she will have had her own struggles to leave the borg and going back for you could be traumatic for her.

    If an ex jw woman came to this board and said she met a nice man, such as yourself, but she is struggling with going out with you again because you are half in and half out what do you think the general consensus of advice be for her? many would say run.

    Maybe you don't need a romantic involvement so soon. Take some time to be yourself and decide if you want to have the jw's be part of your new life.

    You are in a unique place right now, may not be the most pleasant but you can grow and re-shape your life the way YOU want or stay in a comfortable place where you know all the rules (set out by men in NY). Take some time and figure it out. Try some new friends. Take a class, go for a hike, join something fun.

  • zeb

    see pm.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I also sent you a PM ☺

  • nonjwspouse

    Dating a JW would be a nightmare for someone who is awakening and eventually wanting out. Don't do that to yourself, and don't do that to the JW . That would be false representation and , well, terrible.

  • dubstepped

    Soon to be single cheap bastard ex cult member seeks fully indoctrinated cult member for use in feeling less lonely.

    This is going to be super healthy, lol. This is ten kinds of messed up.

  • Giordano

    You can pretty much forget about keeping in contact with JW friends. That's pretty rare when it is understood you are not an active participating JW any longer.

    On the other hand you could google Ex JW meet ups.

    Meet ups get you face to face and provide an opportunity to interact without any expectations. However you will have to invest some time and travel.

    Personally I wouldn't invest my time with an ex JW site as there is always the possibility they can revert. A regular dating site will offer more opportunities and less religious over bite.

    The best way to meet someone is to become a volunteer or go to a gym for a regular work out. A Yoga class allows for the experience of seeing the same people at the same time week in and week out. Conversations are natural and going out for coffee or tea is a more normal start.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Read your profile. Since you are looking for an assembly that is close to JW thinking why not try a Berean Bible Stident Assembly...or an International Bible Student gathering?

  • cyberjesus

    marriage not over yet? that's a man who is well prepared for the future

  • LostGeneration

    I was in your place before and made some of the mistakes that it sounds like your headed for.

    I understand lonely, its very tough leaving a cult and losing a life partner. But nobody else can fulfill what you feel is missing. You need to take a little time alone and get used to that feeling, and eventually be OK with yourself. Entering some sort of relationship while you aren't 100% whole and complete is a bad idea, as you will attract the same kind of person.

    Take a year off where you simply focus on yourself. Extract yourself from the cult all the way and make some new platonic friends. Once you do this you will be ready for a new partner.

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