Does "Hanlon's Razor" apply to the Governing Body?

by stuckinarut2 14 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • sparrowdown

    What about a new "razor" not attributing to stupidity what be explained by the word cult.

  • slimboyfat

    Yes, definitely. With a few sinister exceptions, such as Jaracz.

  • steve2

    Hanlon's razor posits "malice" and "stupidity" as mutually exclusive (i.e., you cannot be both).

    Perhaps, though, they are not.

    Example: A man may be stupid enough to believe he has been divinely selected to fill a role of religious arbiter of truth. In that role, he may believe he is entitled to treat others in a malicious manner to protect his divine role. [This is a variant on the JW argument that "wrongdoers" are shunned to keep the congregation clean, which is both a stupid and malicious action - but understandable from their point of view.]

  • StarTrekAngel

    I can understand your stance from an elders perspective but that would be much more acceptable if they GB, just like elders, had a human figure above them. The GB members report to no one. I don't believe you can put them in the same frame work as you saw yourself as an elder.

  • Vidiot

    I gotta say, this guy doesn't seem overly malicious, so...


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