See you in a couple weeks

by Biahi 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • Biahi

    Leaving today for Rome, and then a Mediterranean cruise. Will not be online, I will miss you all. Hopefully, when I get back, the WT will have declared bankruptcy. One can hope!

    i will be on the Norwegian Epic.

  • blondie

    Edited, have a good trip. I have never taken a cruise. I was once invited to one full of jws (when I was still a believing jw). I could not afford it, but it made me wonder how these people could spend this kind of money and time but not have the "circumstances" even to auxiliary pioneer.

  • LV101

    Have a blast -- love Rome but it's one crazy airport. Enjoy your cruise.


  • millie210

    Have an epic trip!

  • zeb

    blondie. re not aux pioneering.....a similar experience.

    It seems some jw use a different set of scales to what the wt wants.

    When a big Sydney convention was coming up a few years ago my wife was hell bent to go to it and she come down with quite a thump when so many said 'no way' to a cross the nation very expensive trip to Sydney.

  • zeb

    After a run in with some nasty gossip about myself I saw the big problem was that so many jw live in each others back pocket and a cruise ship full of jw..? what a little furnace that could turn out to be. Imagine the husbands having to walk around those decks with all those non jw bikini girls sunning themselves. One glance and the head jw would come running.

    and Biahi.. have a good time stay safe.

  • LongHairGal


    That’s a good point. Who would want to be on a cruise with JWs??

    I had a taste of gossip way back when I was new in the religion and went to a local public pool where some JWs were...I got compliments about my bathing suit...well you can guess the rest.

    How could anybody relax and have a good time around Witnesses?

  • LV101

    LHG - they're not referred to as the 'Prozac/Zoloft Nation' for nothing. The anti-mental health JWs self medicate via the GB alcohol method -- one would have to be inebriated or stoned to survive.

  • Xanthippe

    Have an amazing time Biahi. Rome is beautiful and should be a good temperature now.

    I love the med and I also went on my first cruise in April but it was to Norway. Have a wonderful adventure, that's what life's all about!

  • LV101

    What is it about the Mediterranean cruises that people love? We've friends that continually plan a yearly "med" cruise - they aren't into sight seeing/historical tours, art museums but meet up with cruise buddies from FLA and have a blast -- or a booze cruise. We've been reluctant to join up and it's a smaller ship -- think I'd feel safer on a huge one.

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