Kneel before me, for I am an ... Activist!

by Simon 32 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Foolednomore

    I'm a victim of Watchtower, but I fight to stop anyone from joining or continuing with this self serving cult that is a parasite on society. If I can get someone to wake up and see Watchtower for what it is an Start living their lives free I have done my God given duty..

  • EdenOne

    I still believe that giving our contribution to make this world a better place by limiting the damage caused by the Watchtower Society is a worthy effort.

    However, It's not a more honorable cause than supporting your family, care for your loved ones, care for your community, the environment, improving your personality, your life, your skills, etc.

    It's just one among many worthy things you can chose to do with your time - making sure that the greater things have priority. Anti-Watchtower activism shouldn't be a priority in someone's life - because if it is, they win.

  • Bangalore

    Here is a quote I read that seems quite appropriate here.

    Anyone whose paycheck comes from a problem not being solved is probably not someone you be paying to solve a problem.

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