Apparently Jehovah`s Witnesses have no scruples about " LYING" to their GOD Jehovah

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  • smiddy3

    I thought it was bad enough that JW`s put in weekly reports of FS hours every month in the D2D work when in fact the average publisher would never mention this "Good News of the Kingdom" to the householder .

    More often than not it would be something like some mundane thing about what they have observed about the householders property whether they have kids ,what a lovely garden they have before being cut off by the householder with I`m not interested knowing JW`s are trying to convert them/sell them the Watchtower and closing the door.

    Yet the JW goes away happily putting in a report telling Jehovah they have spent so much time in the FS witnessing about him and the Kingdom of Christ Jesus.....

    Cart witnessing is even a worse LIE ,why ? because JW`s make no attempt to witness to anybody they expect people to come to them to be witnessed to which of course never happens

    They spend hours upon hours a month telling Jehovah by their FS reports they hand in how much they have witnessed for him ,when in fact they have done nothing of the sort .

    They chit chat among themselves witnessing to nobody for hours on end and then lie in their FS report they have been witnessing for Jehovah ?

    If by chance someone does approach the witnessing cart what do we find ,why it`s bro,or sis, so and so ,more mundane chit chat and they include that in their report of how many hours they witnessed ?

    Did Jesus or the Apostles set up a stall and wait for people to come to them ? And keep silent until they were approached ? Or was Jesus and the Apostles pro-active and GIVE a witness to those in the market places and speak to those who would stop and give a hearing ear ,not waiting to be approached .

    Shame on Jehovah`s Witnesses who have no scruples in lying to the GOD they profess to worship as the GOD of truth.

  • Jrjw

    That's because even if you don't get to speak to anyone when you're out you have been seen by people (especially the ones purposely ignoring the door) and people know you're a witness and that in itself is classed as a witness especially if you're well dressed and groomed and are smiling coz you're In the "happy religion". It seems being seen to be happy and smiling counts more than actually having a bible discussion with someone.

  • smiddy3

    Jrjw ,Couldn`t that argument just be turned around in Christendoms favour ? How about the Mormons who go from D2D or for that matter the SDA ,the Salvation Army ,the Baptists all of which engage in D2D work and i`m sure their are many others.

    So JW`s are really no different from any other Christian Religion in this sense.

    And they have no more authority over "truth" than any of these other religions.

  • pale.emperor

    I'd rather they stand there with their stupid carts than go round knocking on doors. At least on the carts ex-Witnesses can approach and plant seeds. They can't walk away unless they pack up their carts and go. So it's a win-win for us.

  • Jrjw

    Smiddy3 I completely agree with you its just what has been said at meetings in recent years to make sure people are happy and smiling and looking like they're enjoying themselves when on the doors coz we're givng a witness the whole time we're out

  • punkofnice

    They live in a jobo la la land. If their leaders say the trolley('cart' if you're Americanised), witnessing is a 'fine witness™', they'll blindly follow.

    There really is bugger all between their ears after the WBT$ has finished de-braining them.


    That mentality that your merely being seen in the territory classifies as a witness was still being bandied about when I last did FS [2010] and is the stupid side of the brain trying to convince the sensible side [Cognitive Dissonance ] that this stupid pursuit has credibility ~

  • Betheliesalot
    Betheliesalot Much like the Mormon,s , most of the JW,s are there to just put in time to impress other JW,s cause no one else gives a hoot, including their god.

  • EverApostate
    Did Jesus or the Apostles set up a stall and wait for people to come to them ? And keep silent until they were approached ?

    Very valid point .

    May be Holy Jehovah changed his Holy Strategy to do Holy cart witnessing and this was communicated to the Holy Governing body through Holy Spirit.

  • Moster

    Do the publishers themselves have to pay for the carts? If so, what is the going rate?

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