JWs made me hate school

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    Yesterday, I had an epiphany. I realized that the JW religion made my experience in school awful and I hated school because of this.

    Yesterday, my kids had an activity where the whole school was out at the park, playing baseball, soccer, other pic-nic games and even swimming pools. During the day, I had conversations with the teachers and saw the kids out, playing having fun. Then I thought: Why wasn't it like this in my days? Oh, wait, it was! Its just that I would not get involved in those.

    See, at the end of the year, when everything was supposed to be all fun and games, I was missing school completely. As soon as I got my final report for the year, that was it. See you next year. So while my schools did hold such activities, I was simply not there. The same can be said for every activities that were done outside the school.

    It was only when I was a tenager and that my parents were "weakened spiritually" that I started doing things with the school. But it was too late, the damage had been done. I was a zealous baptized kid who saw all my teachers and school mates as future corpses upon which the birds would feast. I had no respect or appreciation for anything the teachers were doing as they were all pons of Satan believing and teaching lies and trying to shape me into a "brick in the wall" of this system.

    I felt superior to everyone, enlightened! Unlike me and my "spiritual family", they were awaiting certain death in an Armageddon that was "just around the corner". If they did not accept my message, they were enemies of God and I hated them for it. With this kind of attitude, no wonder I hated school!

    So, yesterday, my kids were playing with their friends, enjoying the day, and I thought: "Boy am I happy that I had the courage to leave that cult so that they would not have to go through this type of experience".

  • dubstepped

    Great points. They made us hate lots of things and stole the color and joy from this life. I LOVE seeing people like you realize these things but raise your kids free. That is fun to see from afar so I can only imagine what it's like when it's your own kids. Good for you!

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS/JWS is a fear mongering End of the World apocalyptic cult that does psychologically harm children who are involved with it.

    Its a means for the WTS to exploit people for money and labor in its literate proliferation agenda.

  • hybridous

    Awesome OP. I had the same experiences growing up. All I wanted to do was the one things my duped parents would never allow...

    I wanted to fit in and be normal

    Such a trifling matter, and perhaps it is only so valuable because it had been denied.

    Sometimes I consider the notion that my kids will simple never know how awful my JW childhood was...because to truly know is to live it, and have it as your own. I am content to have them be happy and NOT EVER KNOW.

    So happy that your kids and mine will never have to suffer the idiotic delusions that we did. In this way, we suffocate this miserable cult one family at a time.

    Also, let's be frank about this. When you're taught that everyone at school is bird food, and that your time there is a necessary evil, not to be embraced, but to be fleed from ASAP, then...perhaps an otherwise smart kid is DIS-incentivized from really trying; pouring effort into it; maximizing the potential benefits from being there....

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I went thru school feeling embarrassed and out of place because of the religion. While my older sister snuck in activities, I would just accept things as they were.

    I think of all the people that have school friends to this day. Robbed of those early connections, it makes it difficult now. A pox on all the minions and leaders of the WT.

  • eyeuse2badub

    I know what you mean StephaneLaliberte! I sort of hated the social aspect of school but I really loved going to school! I must have been a bit of a strange kid because after about mid August, I could hardly wait for school to start.

    The flag salute thing was the real difficult part for me. I got accused of being a "commie" by some of the guys. However when I reached high school, the jw collar came off at school. I became one of the cool guys but never one of the top social dudes. I had a really cool 57 Ford and it was a hot rod. I had a 61 Norton motorcycle and that made me really cool to the girls. I participated in sports (it wasn't condemned in those days like it is now) and I was selected all conference in baseball, which was my first love at the time. I went to school dances, did a little drinking, no drugs, and hung out with some of the cool guys and girls. I drew the line at fornication because back in mid the 60's when I was in high school, fornication, from a jw point of view, was the worst sin you could commit. (now fornication is sort of expected by kids and the worst sin is not worshiping the gb) All the wile, I was also viewed as a good jw boy in our local congregation of mostly old people and when I graduated, I became a total douche jw goodie, goodie.

    I had fun in high school but feel bad for my kids because I was at total douche until I woke up. Unfortunately, my kids suffered from having a "good jw elder" for a dad!

    just saying!

  • blownaway

    No doubt. I was told teachers were all hippies trying to get us to go to collage and have immoral sex. They were going to die at Armageddon and it was a waste of time. I dropped out of High school with three months to go to go to work for my uncle in his electric business and go out in service. My mother did make me take American correspondence school out of Chicago to get my diploma. But I remember telling my teachers that collage is only for drinking and sex. God damn the cult is evil. I will tell people about this till I am dead.

  • ttdtt

    Me to - and BOY do I regret hating school now.

  • carla

    What a wonderful gift you gave your children! the gift of normalcy and a joyful childhood.

    Every single one of you that have had the courage to leave the cult and break the family cycle should be damn proud of yourselves. I just wish you all could have retained your families while doing so.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Well said. It took many years to get over my hate and phoeias of school. The abuse I went through in school because I was a jw child and the jw cult thinking of schooling really messed me up. Thanks to my wife she showed me the error to my thinking. School is suppose to be a happy and productive experience for children but being raised in the jw cult made it for me mostly a horrible experience. The us against them mentality is a major cause for this. I wish is could have been different for me back then. Maybe in the new world it will be. LOL Still Totally ADD

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