If there was a resurrection in paradise

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  • LongHairGal


    I'm not claiming I believe in this but just going along with the comment posted by VW.

    Since according to JW jargon, a man doesn't have a soul - but is infused with a breath of life, what happens when he dies? According to the JWs, they say the breath of life goes out of him and his thoughts do perish. Other religions would call this a soul.

    If the JW resurrection were true, WHERE are the thoughts/memories of that person to be infused into the new body? Without your memories and thoughts, how are you even you? So, these thoughts/memories would have to be stored somewhere.

    The Witness standard stock answer of the 'creator being able to do all things, etc. restoring or recreating memories' is just evading the argument with their magic wand.

    Never mind the mumbo jumbo of the creator not being bound by science.

    Call it a copy, clone or whatever. I am referring to the memories and essence of a person. If they are able to be retrieved at some point or are in the creator's memory, in MY opinion this means they never stopped existing.

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