Crazy ass cart witnessing!

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Thanks to the torrent of detrimental information available via the internet and all other media outlets, JW's cannot and will not attempt to defend either their faithful slave masters or their cult-speak.

    Consequently, JW trolley-zombies will experience either a) more abuse or b) even more "shunning" by passers-by.

    JW's have nowhere to hide. Expect to see/hear more "persecuction" propaganda being churned out.

  • pontoon

    I'm seeing more and more cart witnesses. See one in the same spot every day outside local Dunk'n Donuts. Never have seen anyone talking to the two women standing there, not even one time since they have been using that spot, about a year now.

  • careful

    Although it might sound a bit bizarre to those of us who were in years ago, I have heard from several of those still in that a new philosophy is afoot, and it would explain the cart phenomenon as part of this new "big picture." Given how much things have changed in recent years from what we were used to, it might be worthy of consideration. I don't know if I'd call it a rumor. Perhaps more of an undercurrent would be fitting.

    The cart witnessing is just another manifestation of the new GB belief that enough future growth will come simply by being physically visible, thru good press, being "better recognized" as one (of course, in Witness eyes the true) alternative to Christianity which will find ample growth through being publicly accepted and from family members who stay in.

    I admit that at first, I thought this was absurd. But then I thought, "Well, there have been all these bizarre changes that I never thought I'd see." Their "music" has hit new lows and is "worldly" according to the way such music was viewed when I was in. They've gone in wholesale for the digital broadcasting thing, electronic media, etc., something they used to vilify as Satanic because of apostates and porn, and make fun of as part of "Christendom." Their revised NWT is much closer now to the RSV, NIV, and so forth. Meeting in private homes has been given the axe so that meetings only take place at the public KH (= church to a newbie). This list could go on.

    We, as independent thinkers, will of course see all sorts of holes in such thinking. We will say things like, "Right, good press! Like the child abuse scandal, the blood issue, and shunning!" And we will look at the downturn in growth in Western lands and laugh at such a notion as ample growth thru public recognition. "Like people would want to give up the holidays—right!" But it's good to remember how illogical Witness thinking is. They are prime candidates for buying in to the above new belief system.

    Has anyone else heard of this undercurrent? Your thoughts?

  • Finkelstein

    Jws dont really wont to save lives, they just want to put in time in service so they can brag and relieve themselves of guilt

    Cart witnessing is easier than walking door to door

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