2016 Election getting family members disfellowshipped

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  • stillin

    Ryan, why do you want to antagonize everybody? I wouldn't have invited you to dinner either!

  • Ryan007

    "Ryan, why do you want to antagonize everybody? I wouldn't have invited you to dinner either!"

    I didn’t bring politics to the dinner table at Thanksgiving, the family just enjoyed food, alcohol and watched football.

    Let’s say hypothetically, the game begins and some idiot with an attitude and an afro decides to sit during the national anthem and exploits the game for a political protest.

    Now that’s antagonistic. From what you know about Jehovah’s Witnesses, anyone has the constitutional right to not stand for the national anthem or salute the flag, but it’s this guy’s motives that are the problem. This dude’s racist.

    His girlfriend, #Nessa of MTV's Girl Code is likely the spark that initiated this guy’s behavior. She converted to a Muslim to follow in the footsteps of black nationalists like Malcolm X. This duo are far-left radicals that praise Fidel Castro.


    Things grew testy between Kaepernick and a particular media member of Cuban descent, in regards to Kaepernick’s past wearing of a Fidel Castro t-shirt. According to the Palm Beach Post, “When pressed about the shirt, Kaepernick first pointed out that Malcolm X also was pictured. Kaepernick said he supports Malcolm X and his willingness to be “open-minded” before forming his own views of the world. Part of that open-mindedness, he said, was meeting with the Cuban leader.”

  • schnell

    Cool. What brings this up?

  • Ryan007

    "Cool. What brings this up?"

    Ominous parallels. Google; "Kaepernick jehovah's witnesses"

    Several journalists have included Kaepernick and Jehovah's Witnesses in the same article.

  • schnell

    What are the ominous parallels? Sure, lots of people have made that connection, reporters and others. What about it?

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    Just so you know, I'm not an apostate Jehovah's Witness.

    I don't agree with the viewpoints of apostate Jehovah's Witness. To me, they're antagonistic.

    So what are you and what are you doing here?

    From the terror and riots of Black Lives Matter to the Obama administration's policy on intimate facilities in public schools, when Trump got elected, the next morning, I was walking on sunshine.

    You too buddy. You're going to get the best president that rubles can buy.

    I'm just taking a second to say, you people don't bother me anymore.

    We don't bother you anymore? Seems that you bothered enough to make it an issue.

    This is your first thread; we don't know anything about you. Usually some one introduces himself and tells us a bit about his experience with the JWs. So who are you?

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