Court documents reveal Watchtower's tactics in Montana child abuse case

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  • LevelThePlayingField

    There were numerous objections and claims that Watchtower lawyers made to try and get out of being held responsible for their negligence and malice. Here’s the juicy ones:

    Montana is a mandatory reporting state, but Watchtower lawyers claimed that the law for reporting abuse only applies to “individuals” and they are “corporations”. Victims lawyers win argument with traffic laws analogy saying traffic laws applies to drivers, not employers or corporations. But, employers may be held responsible when their drivers are negligent and hurt others. (see page 15)

    Then Watchtower lawyers switch their argument and say that they didn’t report the abuse because reports of abuse can be kept confidential under clergy law, but victims lawyers proved it was NEVER kept confidential because… (see pages 15-16)

    Elders told the abuser what the victim said about him

    Elders told other elders in the legal department in NY

    The legal department told the elders in the Service department (CCJW)

    Service dept (CCJW) writes a letter back to original elders.

    (Bottom of page 14)

    Then Watchtower lawyers switch tactic again and say they can make their own definition of what “confidential” means and the court can’t say otherwise. (p.16)

    Can you believe the arrogance?!

    To see the court documents go to:!

    Click the middle box on that page that says "CLOSED DOCKETS" 2006-present

    The case number is: 18-0534

  • smiddy3

    Thank you ,I hope they get punished big time $$$$$$$$$$$

  • Crazyguy

    I’d the WT was smart they would tell the elders not to discuss these matters out side the congregation except to call the police and advise victims to do the same. And no more calling the branch either, I’m surprised some JW hasn’t sued elders for breaking the clergy privilege.

  • zeb

    And watch the wt throw said elders under a bus.

    Imagine elders successfully sued having to sell their house, car, holiday home whatever to start to make compensation and pay their legal costs.

    Imagine elders wishing to obtain legal insurance. The insurer would take one look at the wt history and say,

    'on your way.'

    Imagine elder being sued contacting the 'branch office' and gets this response. "pray more, do your field service, answer up more at meetings."

  • hoser

    My thoughts exactly. What a shit religion to try and put the responsibility back on the elders for following wt rules.

  • Wild_Thing

    I would love to know what the local elders think about the Watchtower throwing them under the bus, saying it was the individual that broke the law, and not the "corporation".

  • smiddy3

    Typical response from the WT/GB would be : " leave it in Jehovah`s hands he will fix it in his own due time"

    Maybe that would be the best outcome all around if and when the WT does start throwing Elders under the bus then maybe it would wake a few more up out of their delusion.

  • Xanthippe
    If WT was smart they would tell the elders not to discuss these matters out side the congregation except to call the police and advise victims to do the same - Crazyguy

    You would think so but they've got away with breaking the rules of civilised society for over a hundred years. What amounts to tax evasion because they do no charitable works and forcing people not to have blood or fear disfellowshipping.

    They've become over-confident with their successes and think they can keep getting away with it. The way petty criminals keep getting away with it and then break the law big time. They are getting caught. They will pay out big time and be astonished that their God doesn't protect them

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Ah! If the R&F were exposed to the nuts and bolts of these arguments used by WT lawyers they would be horrified. Few of them will though, WT propaganda has them viewing any non WT info as apostate lies, even verbatim court transcripts or video footage.It's like trying to convince an addict to clean up his act.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Good post LTPF. Thanks.

    @ zeb - "Imagine elders wishing to obtain legal insurance."

    In the UK, trustees of charities are strongly advised to take out personal liability insurance as trustees of charities can individually & collectively be sued.

    I've never met any trustees [elders] in any congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses who even considered protecting themselves in this way.

    You'd think the "faithful slave-master" would protect them by warning them, wouldn't you?

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