Coping with a change of heart

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  • Vanderhoven7

    You don't have to try to win God's approval. He sent His only begotten to win your approval, to convince you of His commitment to forgive and reconcile you. It's not what you can do that will make you right with God; it's what His Son did for you at Calvary. You can not make what He did more beautiful, more worthy, or more effective in making you wholly acceptable in the Saviour. It's entirely by grace so that whoever calls on Jesus will be saved, cleansed and forgiven. I encourage you to Google Pastor Joseph Prince and sit under his ministry for a while.

  • smiddy3

    Strugglingrsa ,You sound like a loving caring man who still loves the Bible and is confused by your training into a religious cult.

    one way to start de-programming yourself using one of the WT`s own publications .

    "The kingdom Interlnear of The Christian Greek Scriptures" and start reading the word for word translation in English ,and ignore the column in the margin.

    Just look up the word for word text.

    What you will find out is that the name / word Jehovah does not exist there.

    You will also discover that Christians were never called to be "Witnesses of Jehovah" but in fact were called to be witnesses of Jesus. On at least 20 occasions and not once were they called to be a witness of Jehovah.

    In that word for word text that the Jehovah`s Witnesses base their NWT on not one person in the New Testament utters the word Jehovah ,not one .

    That includes Jesus ,the Apostles , or any of his disciples .

    Isa.43:10-12 The Jews never took up the name Jehovah or identified themselves as such and Jesus never rebuked them for not doing so.

    Check out the origin of the name Jehovah by a 13th Century Spanish monk

    its just another example of JW`s taking a scripture out of context and misapplying it.

    Don`t take my word for it start checking for yourself today.

  • Onager
    I still struggle to not notice the sorry state this world is in.

    Strugglingrsa, Have you heard of the book "Cider with Rosie" by Laurie Lee? It's a story set in the beautiful Cotswold valleys of England that draws hundreds of thousands of tourists each year to appreciate it's beauty.

    I walk my dog there sometimes as I live nearby. From the top of Swift's hill, looking down the valley, you can see curious, regular, shapes showing through the grass all the way down the valley. They are the locations of farms and villages where everyone in them was killed by the Black Death plague. In the 14th century the plague killed an estimated 40-60% of the entire population of the country. Would you prefer to be on that hill in 1349 or would you prefer to be there today?

    The world has got all sorts of serious issues going on these days, true, but it has been much worse for most of the rest of human history. It is the JW conditioning of your mind that is turning the normal state of affairs into "brink of the apocalypse", the fact is that, on average, this is the best time to be alive in the whole of human history so far.

  • Strugglingrsa

    Many thanks I will read that book

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