Winnesses of ME (Jesus)...Acts 1:8...NOT Winnesses of Jehovah

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    *** w66 2/15 pp. 118-119 par. 15 Identifying the Present-Day Beneficiaries ***

    In speaking of the marking work, page 111 of Vindication said that “this work of giving the testimony is not for the purpose of converting the people of the world and bringing them into some organization, but it is to make known the fact that those who desire to flee from the wicked organization of Christendom may do so and declare themselves on the Lord’s side, and thus be in line to be brought through the time of trouble, when the slaughtering begins.” Thus no real gathering and organizing of these marked ones, the “other sheep,” was encouraged, even in the year 1931, when the remnant of the 144,000 spiritual Israelites embraced the name “Jehovah’s witnesses.”

    *** w66 2/15 p. 120 par. 21 Identifying the Present-Day Beneficiaries ***

    Thus this secondary class of spirit-begotten spiritual Israelites was still diverting the attention of the remnant late in 1934 and was taking a place of greater importance than the Jonadabs or earthly “other sheep” class, who were to be marked in their foreheads. (Ezek. 9:4) So these marked ones were not specifically invited to attend the celebration of the Lord’s Supper on Nisan 14, 1935.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    Jehovah (God, wonder why Gods' name is a Jewish name, ah, that's another topic all together). God changed the the OT you had to jump through hoops to please God, festival of this or that, go in the room with incense, don't enter this room, kill the lamb on this day don't cut it that way and such....Now God has changed the Game plan...he's put before mankind to take the place of all this religious antics & said....Believe I'm sending my son...not Michael but my son, to clear up all this stuff you humans have made up on your own to please I'm changing the game....Believe in My Son, Jesus Christ, tell everyone you know about him...check him out, see how he lives on earth...he's an example of what I want you people to know be good to one another....yeah, read your bible, see how Jesus treated folks...could you do that for me...again, I've changed the game....Believe in my son, believe he rose from the dead, believe I raised him from the dead and he walk among you...Believe he gave his life because I asked him to, don't you remember he said he really wanted to do it but he would do it cause of me his father (God). So people, those that believe their is a God, that's all I'm asking...Just believe in my son, don't believe he & I are the same, he really is my son, just wanted to show you what I would do for I know some of you don't believe in me nor the Bible, that's your choice...

    So all that to say is that God wants us to believe in his son Christ Jesus & the resurrection. & if a fairy land mind, wouldn't we all like to come back and be happy ? Who wouldn't


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