March 1, 2017 BOE Re: Update on Local Design/Construction Arrangement

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  • wifibandit
  • ToesUp

    WT is doing a dog and pony show again. The natives are getting restless and WT is trying to make it look like they have so much construction going on. What a bunch of BS'ers these guys are. Unfortunately, the uber dubs will be in the audience bobbing their heads up and down and smiling.

  • NotBlind

    This is now the 2nd video in about 6 months that will be played at Kingdom Hells about the LDC 'arrangement.' And when I say arrangement, I mean shell game.

    These people are producing more videos about LDC than the LDC is producing building projects. It's now been over 2 years since the big 3-hour online elders' assembly, and the number of KH's this great arrangement has produced in the USA is barely out of the single digits.

    Meanwhile, congregation savings accounts were confiscated, circuit savings accounts were confiscated, local congregations with paid-for buildings are being told to pay an eternal rent/payment toward future construction, GB members are begging for money on TV, donated tools and machinery were sold for cold hard cash, printing of magazines has been all but shut down, hundreds of millions of dollars were gained from the sale of Brooklyn, and the few thinking JW's that are left are wondering where all the money went.

    This organization is in full lockdown mode, and once Warwick is fully operational (within a few weeks), they will hunker down even more.

    The LDC has existed for about 2 years, but it is already a failure. The lack of building projects (whether new construction or remodels) has not gone unnoticed by the R&F. This failed LDC idea will soon go the way of the Green Bible, the Pioneer Assist Others program, and the Trinity Brochure. Soon, the GB will declare the LDC arrangement a smashing victory, say it is no longer needed, and replace it with something else.

    If anyone with half a brain questioned whether God was directing the Tower Slave International organization, observing the folly of the do-nothing LDC should remove all doubt.

  • Gayle

    Is it in print how many LDCs have been completed in last 2 years? 'New Halls,' not renovations?

  • Spoletta

    I recall a few years back there was a local needs part asking congregation members to keep on the lookout for suitable Kingdom hall sites. This was before the LDC existed. There was a lot going on (mostly renovations), And many people going out to work at various sites.

    With the formation of the LDC, I haven't seen much activity at all. Have they finished all the work and plan to sell the renovated halls as they consolidate the congregations? I would imagine that they can survive for many years on the real estate profits. The current GB will no doubt be long gone before the money runs out, so they're home free.

    I believe that the whole overlapping generation change is to allow the current GB to escape the consequences of their actions, and leave whoever follows holding the bag.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Thanks again WiFibandit.

    It shouldn't be too long before the Britain Branch releases a video to update U.K. J.W.'s on the wonderful progress being made by the LDC as it shrinks the size of the new Britain Branch complex at Chelmsford - as well as "reminding" the U.K. blinded on how they can support the project's contraction!

  • flipper

    A scam is a scam is a scam. You can fool some of the people some of the time- but you can't fool all of the people all of the time

  • WTWizard

    They will not be seeing any donations from me. Nothing. I don't care how hard up they are. They produce nothing of any positive value to me, they get nothing from me. Simple as that.

    And they rant about wasting money on worldly entertainment? They claim that, since Led Zeppelin records and CDs cost so much, their Kingdumb maladies should be worth that much. Or, if people are willing to pay so much to see a movie, they should pay that much to watch their butchered videos (blocking and all). As for me, I do not fall into that line. A Led Zeppelin record has a certain worth based on how much I enjoy the music, plus whatever good it does for my soul. The same with a Billy Idol record, or David Bowie, or Depeche Mode. Kingdumb maladies do not have the same worth, so they will not be getting anything out of me for them.

    The same for their buildings. People pay to go to see a play, or for a lecture that is supposed to teach them something worthwhile. They get value in the entertainment value, or in what they are taught, or both. Regardless of whether the building is rented or outright owned by the party involved, I would pay what I reasonably feel it's worth. If it costs more, I will not go. The value of boasting session attendance is negative. Hence, it is not worth any positive amount to attend.

    That would solve the problem. If people would pay only what the articles are worth (boasting session attendance, littera-trash, or Kingdumb maladies), they would be losing money, no matter how much they demand. And, the more they demand, the more you should resist paying anything at all. And if they are producing positive value that warrants donating for it, it matters not what it goes for. After all, Boy George was a heroin addict, and there is a good chance that my purchase of several Culture Club albums helped support his habit. That, however, was not why I got the albums--I got them solely for the value the music carried. And, as Kingdumb maladies and boasting sessions carry negative value, donating accordingly would solve the problem.

  • wifibandit

    Update on U.S. Local Design/Construction Arrangement—May 2017 video will be considered the week of May 1, 2017.

    ldcu_02_E.mp4 Download:

  • freddo

    "Meet the "LDC Family""

    Yeh. Until they reach their early 50's and get booted outside where the weeping and the gnashing of their teeth will be?

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