This week's resurrection video, will it backfire on the wt?

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  • prologos
    The resurrection is supposed to be a joyous occasion?, if it ever happened! --well, this week's showing at the hall was the opposite, it was about death with violins playing in the background. A recently bereaved member, , full of tears, (like many others) could not contain herself. A cruel wt exercise in emotions to spur the rank & file into more action to overcome death by works, gifts? what was your experience?
    It sick and cheap and disgusting manipulation ..................................
  • smiddy

    Can anybody show this video so we can make a comment ?


  • Je.suis.oisif

    This thread has just triggered something I'd forgotten. Back in 2013 at Mancbester summer convention. I got friendly with an elder and his wife. We found out that their son had recently been murdered, and I had lost my mum 6mnths prior. We bonded immediately.

    There was a video in the afternoon about the resurrection. The violin music was excruciating. You could feel it suck the breath collectively out of the arena. The wife shot out of her seat and bolted. I looked around. Everybody just sat like statues glued to their seats. After about 5secs I instinctively caught her up in the ladies. We hugged each other for ages. Sobbing deeply. I now remember how violated I felt. Like I'd been forced to confront or perform to a certain behaviour that I didn't feel comfortable with. I felt her grief more than my own.

    I also remember observing how a c/o behaved towards this elder's wife. I thought he was an ignorant tw**. I slipped her my email address, but she never contacted me. Aaah the memories. Golden, not.

  • sir82

    Aggressive emotional manipulation is the future of the org.

    I suspect/fear "we ain't seen nothing yet" compared to what is to come.

  • Alive!

    I watched the resurrection video online some time ago last year - professional and cleverly devised.....

    Of course the resurrection hope is comforting, but to draw out such depth of emotion in a public arena, it's cruel actually.

    Some, will have to watch that video and go home to a lonely house and work through their grief and emotions alone, at night.

    After the video showing, it will be bright commercial hall lighting, end of meeting 'stuff', getting out to car park, hearing others laughing and calling - where's the responsible care of observing the pain of those who it may affect in a very raw and unbearable way?

  • Alive!


    Words can't express how angry I feel for you, and I'm so sorry, so sorry for your loss.

    "violated" - yes, it was a violation.

  • jwleaks

    Like it or not this video may be more important to the GB than we might first realize. Consider the facts. Every single JW is going to have to face, whether they like it or not, the stark reality that every single person alive in their family or in their congregation or in the community is going to eventually die. The GB know this and also know that they too will be replaced with yet another overlap of the overlapping.

    Death is inevitable. This video is no more "food at the proper time" than is the existence of a funeral home proof of a future resurrection.

    Consider the following phrase used by the GB in recent times: "faith in the resurrection hope."

    Watchtower 2013

    Watchtower 2014

    "Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for." - Heb. 11: 1 NW

    A future resurrection is a hope that JWs have. The GB are encouraging JWs to have faith in their own individual hope of a resurrection.

  • Alive!

    There was a Sunday talk on feelings and emotions at a local church group recently and I noted that they said when we stand in the presence of the raw emotion of someone, we are on 'sacred ground' in that person's heart is needing of our outmost care and respect.

    To deliberately draw out someone's deepest grief in public without regard to the environment or circumstances around them is callous.

    The resurrection video will be played to an audience globally, where individuals will be triggered into feeling pain and grief - what if they have to drive home alone? To a lonely house? What if they don't want to have their deepest anguish and tears, running snot and gulping agony drawn out in public and then have to get their act together for the 'next part on our programme' in, now sit up straight we are moving on....

    Where is the real love, that's responsible, caring and reverent towards another human's 'sacred ground'?

  • jookbeard
    as the years past in my life as an exjw this doctrine became more and more ludicrous and truly insane, dangerously so, I never really paid too much attention to it when I was a a R&F jw, but the complete lack of any scriptural evidence for it reinforces the pipe dream that it really is , a doctrine spawned from the mind a lunatic supported and reinforced by lunatics, it is on a par with the Big A, the paradise,the playing with animals as pets that were once ferocious. When one looks at the logistics for it also ie who does and does not warrant a resurrection and when one looks at the possibility of the amount of folks that passed away through the ages plus pre Adamic existence of humans we could be looking at figures of 500 billion or so folks needing a home on this small planet, give or take a few, a massive fail!

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