Dinosaurs in Paradise

by The Real Edward Gentry 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • The Real Edward Gentry
    The Real Edward Gentry

    I'm so thankful for sites such as this. I realise it's our imperfection but God's organization is not always open to 'outside the box' thinkers such as ourselves.

    I've been researching dinosaurs and God's reason for not preserving these beasts beyond the flood of Noah's day. And I believe I may understand why. Man would use them for warfare as he did the horse. Imagine a cavalry of tyannosaurs! Or flying into battle on the back of a pterodactyl. Mankind would have destroyed himself before God's name could be known throughout the earth.

    But I dont think there is any doubt that these creatures will be restored in the paradise. Imagine surveying your orchard from the back of a Pterodactyl. Or clearing a forest with the help of brontosaurus!

    Such good times ahead.

  • _Morpheus

    Rotflmao! Ok this one was good :) you got a genuine laugh out of me this time

  • tiki

    Umm...yeah.....can't wait.....

  • sparky1

    I have to admit it Ed,................this is your best post yet!

  • waton

    Personally I have my serious doubts about the Pterodactyl being resurrected as an airworthy conveyance. Those flapping wings are a flop. I think they were more of a kind of umbrella. Or an early prototype of the angels in revelation with their 6 wings.

  • Jehovah lol
    Jehovah lol

    Dinosaurs didn't survive the flood because they died out 65 million years before the flood didn't happen.

  • _Morpheus

    @jlol, dont take this thread as anything more than what it is: an obvious troll on theists who believe the dino’s lived until noah as well as a troll on atheists who jump at the theists. Its all in fun, and for once, it was actually pretty damn funny

  • Jehovah lol
    Jehovah lol
    The last two words of my post ^
  • TD

    The JW's backed away from the idea that dinosaurs coexisted with man in the early 90's.

    As usual, they didn't openly admit that they were wrong, but the meaning was clear enough.

  • waton

    Dino's would have been prime candidates to survive the flood, if they butted up against the ark, they had experience in surviving already a previous mass extinction.

    Massive flapping wing creatures are proof that evolution is not guided. such un -airworthy creatures could never have found a niche to survive for long, not flying anyway, perhaps short flight in a strong winds on a slope. to display their prowess ?

    Just because the green 1961 wt bible had dinos in it (in bible times in Libya, does not make it so. so?

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