On May 3, 2024, the worldwide United Methodist Church apologized to survivors of clergy sexual abuse.

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  • Vidiot
    NotFormer - “…I suppose that their supreme moral law is that the only thing that is wrong and evil is making the GB look bad…”

    Not quite.

    Their supreme moral law is reinforcing the premise of “God’s Exclusive Earthly Organization”.

    At any and all cost.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    Thanks for the clarification.

    Yes. The Borganization as we know it,,, is fully dependant on its tax free status,,,& cannot survive without it!!!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Now it all makes sense.

    Why the Borg was so adamant & stubborn about 5 years in not having that pedophile list disclosed.

    Because its a threat to the "tax free status"". Which would topple the Borganization.

    So they were paying $4000.00/per day. Ended up being over $2milliion in the end.

  • Vidiot


    And despite any recent rumours that the Org is half-expecting the DB’s exposure and subsequent existential threat to their charity-status…

    …there is also the fact that if the WTS can be “toppled” (or, really, even just seriously threatened), it can’t very well be “God’s Exclusive Earthly Organization” now, can it? (see entry at top of this page)

    Which is an unacceptable prospect for the WT leadership, for all the reasons you can think of.

  • Vidiot

    BTW, regarding the irony of the WTS possibly being “attacked” by the “Wild Beast” first, rather than last…

    …I used to think that’d be problematic, too, until reports of a recent CO pow-wow in Florida to go over some updates to the Org’s eschatology.

    Considering that regular study of the Revelation Climax book was discontinued well over a decade ago (suggesting in retrospect that Fred Franz’s Cold-War-centric End-Times narrative was already being shelved)…

    …ten bucks says that particular aspect won’t be emphasized at all in the new-and-improved version (not to mention any portrayal of the UN as an archvillain).

    Sorry to be the one to say it. 😕

  • jhine

    Have any measures been put in place now at grass roots level to help prevent abuse of any kind , not just sexual abuse?

    I know that other denominations now have taken this issue very seriously and things like bullying in the church or even spousal abuse are also looked at .

    Making apologies and acknowledging mistakes is a start but lessons need learning and every effort made to prevent these things happening.

    I get CofE updates regularly and this was part of the latest

  • TonusOH

    I don't know if anything has been implemented yet by the WTS regarding the issue. I get the impression that they encourage victims to contact the authorities now. This should be a policy for any group, religious or otherwise. This gets around the clergy-penitant priviledge that groups like the JWs have hid behind in the past (and which, I presume, they will continue to enforce).

  • Vidiot
    Beth - “…The Borganization as we know it, is fully dependant on its tax free status, & cannot survive without it…”

    It seems almost painfully obvious in retrospect, considering how their lawyers mobilize the moment it looks even a little bit threatened.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    As I always reiterate,, we really see what the Borg is about when something even remotely even hints a threat to them.

    When it comes to to legal issues or $$$.

  • Vidiot
    Beth - “…When it comes to to legal issues or $$$…

    At this point, the line between the two is permanently fuzzy.


    Something else…

    …loss of charity-status-slash-tax-exemption will be almost impossible to spin as “persecution” and have anyone with half a brain take it seriously…

    …because the Bible explicitly commands (“True”) Christians to “pay back Caesar’s things to Caesar”… and the context that command is given in doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for creative interpretation.

    Only the most Koolaid-dependent would say “bottoms up” (actually, even with them, I have doubts)…

    …and frankly, anyone that far gone is, IMO, a lost cause.

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