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  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?


    It does remind me also of a device used out west called a "well finder or water finder".

    A Brother from Washington/Oregon states once told me that out west these were used to find wells and that they also were of demonic origin. I only have seen these in Bugs Bunny cartoons and dont know if they even really exist.

  • lisavegas420

    I just recently bought a Oiuji Boad.....no one in my family is even the slightest bit interested in playing with it. My 6 year old granddaughter was looking at it, she said where does the batteries go. I said it doesn't use batteries, she said it won't work with out batteries.....


  • morty

    [email protected] thats funny...leave it too the younger generation

  • Sirona


    I heard an explanation of why the ouija is more dangerous than other types of spirit communication.

    Apparently it takes a lot of effort for a spirit to communicate with us and the ones who come through to mediums usually come through the medium's spirit guides or protectors.

    However, in the case of the ouija, you are providing a spirit an easier way of communicating, you don't have any spiritual protection and those factors combined tend to invite entities who could potentially be damaging to you. Apparently there are earthbound spirits who can be confused and even nasty who would take advantage of the situation to speak with you. I'm not sure if I believe that myself, but that is the explanation I heard. I also heard that the ouija can be used very well by someone who knows about spiritual protection and prays first - but I personally wouldn't use one even in a cast circle.

    When our coven has Samhain and welcomes the dead, we have a cast circle and also we ask guardians to let through spirits who are not going to harm us. In my belief system, Lord Anpu opens the gate.


  • yxl1
    The movement of the pointer is due to ideomotor action

    What does that mean?

  • Surreptitious
    The movement of the pointer is due to ideomotor action

    What does that mean?


  • rem


    Sounds like you are talking about dowsing. That too has the same
    explanation as the ouija board (the ideomoter effect).

    Interestingly, though dowsers have great confidence in their abilities,
    when tested they can never do better (and many times do worse) than
    chance. James Randi has tested many dowsers and some results can
    be read about at http://www.randi.org.

    No, there is no magic in the world - everything is pretty much
    deterministic (except at the smallest of scales) but the complexity
    (chaos) of the world is what keeps things unpredictable and wonderful.


  • Joker10

    My sisters and I tried the Oiugi board and it moved!. We shouldn't had laughed at the board because when all of us put our hands on it, it would move faster and faster in a circle. And then my older sister, got the 'Gehenna' message because the devil knew that she knew what it meant!.

  • missylissy

    never tried one. stuff like that freaks me out *shiver*


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