The looney left is at it again

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  • MeanMrMustard


    How dare you?

  • hoser
    Who cares? In a few years California won’t have enough water for lawns and trees anyway
  • GrreatTeacher

    It is a valid question to ask how the electricity is produced that charges electric vehicles / small engines.

    How is your locality doing it?

    My electric supplier has greatly reduced oil and no longer uses coal. We still have nuclear power which helps, but the greatest growing category is renewables.

    We saw a boom and bust of windmills. Now it's solar farms where fields are planted with solar panels. This is a way for some families to keep the family farm as corporate farming had taken over and economies of scale make single farmers uncompetitive.

    We also have offshore wind farming approved but not yet constructed in Maryland.

    The biggest issue with all of these is of course storage. Batteries are still very inefficient.

    You can put solar panels on your roof, but battery storage isn't efficient. You can sell it back to the grid, but you only get paid when the sun is out, and you must pull from the grid during nighttime or bad weather.

    Thankfully Maryland has not been one of the states to prevent resale back to the grid.

    My hope is that battery storage becomes more efficient because I would rather store the electricity I make than deal with metering.

  • wozza

    Typical fuckwits ! If they want to seriously stop pollution .global warming etc stop the planes flying in California .oh but they don't want that do they the hypocrites and that goes for all the Greta worshipping fucks as well.

    Jesus, next they will be stopping Americans from shooting their guns at each other coz they is noisy and pollute !

  • solomon

    There are some very rural areas in California that authorities will have a difficult time enforcing.

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