The looney left is at it again

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  • mickbobcat

    So we all know California is one shit hole idiot state. Now gov. asshat has banned gas lawn mowers and leaf blowers. This will impact businesses hard. The left is so stupid.

  • MeanMrMustard

    Didn't I see a copy of this thread earlier?

  • nowwhat?

    I'm sure the elites will get an exemption for their own properties!

  • Rafe

    Now gov. asshat has banned gas lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

    Whats so bad about that ?

    The gardeners that work at my place use very annoying gas driven machines which are loud and spew out noxious fumes.

    These tools are now being made electric battery operated which work just fine for small to averaged sized lots.

    Of course there are limitations to them to be realized, large commercial operations wont be using these things anytime soon.

    There is nothing loony about this initiative accept from its impracticality

  • Brock Talon
    Brock Talon

    These tools are now being made electric battery operated which work just fine for small to averaged sized lots.

    Says who?

    Using a battery powered lawn mower or leaf blower for any extended period of time, even for small or average sized lots is a pain. You often have to purchase multiple batteries if one fails, gets old and does not hold a charge, or you forget to charge it or you incorrectly charge it, etc. These sets of backup batteries often cost nearly as much as the machine itself and their life span is relatively short compared to a combustible engine. My gas powered lawn mower lasted 20 years before I bought a new one. I used two gallons of gas per season maximum for my yard and one quart of oil every 5 years. Compare that to the poor soul who has to purchase dozens of batteries for his "green" lawn mower; he is causing more pollution by using up and throwing out many batteries over the life of his mower. Never mind the fact that these batteries are built in production plants powered by oil and/or natural gas.

    And just how many lots will be above "average size where this will be impractical and extremely expensive? What if you have an above average lot? What if you run a landscaping business?

    The thing that cracks me up about all this is that the Left completely ignores the current state of "battery" viability. we just are not there yet to totally go oil free on anything. Consider a Tesla battery which is the world’s best-known battery maker: $200,000 worth of Tesla batteries (collectively weighing over 20,000 pounds) are needed to store the energy equivalent of one barrel of oil. A barrel of oil, meanwhile, weighs 300 pounds and can be stored in a $20 tank.

    This is the reality of today’s lithium batteries. Even a 200% improvement in under lying battery economics and technology does not close that gap.

    Look, eventually, someday, we will get there. But that time is not now. It is especially not the time for such mandates. But then again, this new fascism comes from the Left, who always throw away science, facts and logic when it comes to their progressive "religion" based on emotion and hyperbole.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @rafe: I have a set of those electrical tools, right next to the gas powered ones I had to buy to replace them.

    They do NOT work except for the smallest lots and smallest jobs. There just isn’t enough power in lightweight electric motors and batteries for the job and if you make one, they would weigh a lot. Husqvarna sells a backpack lithium battery which lasts ~2 hours, that is on top of whatever replaces the backpack motor that current 4-stroke gas engines occupy.

    Tesla cars for example have a battery pack that weighs 1200 lbs on itself and requires 4 motors weighing ~400 lbs total and they get a dismal 200-300 mile range and refuels in 4-8 hours.

    The average gas engine in a similar sized car weighs ~350 lbs and the gas tank, filled, weighs ~50lbs and roughly 1.5-2x the mileage of a Tesla and refuels in less than 10 minutes.

    So you can easily see that a small engine replacement would weigh 4x as much. Given a commercial weed whacker weighs as much as 50 lbs, the battery + motor would weigh 200 lbs, and you need to haul about twice as much batteries as well just to make sure you make it through the day.

    Its easy to conclude that since your small apartment yard can be mowed with an electric mower, everything should be electric, but to do that with the commercial versions that do football fields are utterly impractical. Those riding mowers and snowblowers are basically small cars, Tesla , VW etc barely can get their driving cars at a reasonable price point and can’t maintain production to replace gas cars.

    Obviously you would have to charge the batteries as well while on a job, so you would have to run a gas engine generator anyway except you compound to the inefficiency because gas generator > electric is about 40% efficient and then electric > motion is about 70% efficient making the whole system about 30% efficient. While gas > motion is about 50-70% efficient, so now you just doubled your gas consumption.

  • Rafe

    But then again, this new fascism comes from the Left,

    Ha ha.... thanks for laugh, Fascism now well who would have thought.

    No no its comi-fascism.

    Just because a new law is introduced that you don't like or agree with it automatically gets labeled fascism.


    I've used new/latest battery operated leaf blowers and lawnmowers at my friends place and they work fine.

    Admitiably they wouldn't be usable for large commercial work.

  • MeanMrMustard

    So it is a ban on the SALE of small gasoline powered engines, not the USE of them.

    California - get ready for the next cartel vertical: lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

  • mickbobcat

    First off any one who lives on a postage stamp lawn that you can cut with a pair of scissors is not part of the equation because it has not bearing on how it will cramp those who have a large lawn or a business.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    A couple of years ago I read that because of the increase of electrical vehicles on the road and the anti smog devices on gas powered vehicles, the smog created by lawn equipment in Los Angeles, will soon surpass the smog created by the tens of thousands of vehicles on the road there.

    2035 is quite a way off and maybe this will be a motivating factor in battery powered equipment being improved so that it become come more efficient/ practical. Or perhaps there will soon be power mowers and blowers with anti smog equipment.

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