Telling a JW to pissoff!

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  • Phizzy

    Carla , that Elder took your advice and Effed Off !

  • btlc
    As a Jw, Have you ever tell an elder, pioneer, or other Jw to go pissoff!

    Yep, at least in two occasions. The first one: I met an elder in the town, and he start to object to me because I went to college (mostly to avoid military service, but I graduated eventually) and in the same time his two sons, raised in the "truth", was dfed, one because of prostitution and other one becouse of using/dealing drugs. And I yelled all kind of F words to him in the middle of the town main walk area, and dozens of people heard all about that, how JW elder raised two town bums but have objections if someone try to move up.

    The second one: some years later I had "privilege" to work in the company runned by an elder, and it was managed like the congregation: only elders could be managers, pioneers had special bonus, and so on, you can imagine. And I witnessed so many frauds, manipulations, dishonesty, and in one occasion I said to one elder F word infront of at least 5 other elders. No one reacted. Just a few days later company owner (local elder) said to me "it was already time for someone to tell him". That was maybe 25 years ago, when I still was PIMI. Both of them was pompous pricks, and they learned to avoid me.

  • Overrated

    Btlc- seems like that's common working for "brothers". They run their companies like Watchtower. If your not a pioneer or elder's son you are treated poorly. I never work or hire brothers because of this.

  • LongHairGal


    As for you telling off the MS and the elder:.. I can only imagine the anger you probably felt at the intrusiveness and overstepping of boundaries that occurred when your husband got involved with the religion. We all know how they feel about wives and women in general.

    I’m single and have to stand up for myself in life. It’s just as well I’m out of the JW religion because at this point in my life I would have No tolerance for them.

    I don’t expect to encounter them anywhere and they haven’t done D to D in ages..but if I ever were faced with nervy types like years ago, something worse than ‘piss off’ might be used.

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