Telling a JW to pissoff!

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  • Overrated

    As a Jw, Have you ever tell an elder, pioneer, or other Jw to go pissoff!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    No..but then i dont think ive ever told anyone to piss off..

  • minimus

    Stan, lol!!!!

  • vienne

    I am not now, nor have I ever been a Witness. But I watched my mom, Rachael de Vienne as you will recall, take two elders to task when they tried to stop her from using a book they didn't like in her class. I've never known 'elders' to put their face in a non-Witness' business, but these two did.

    As my gramma would have said, she "showed them were the bear went in the buckwheat."

    I should add that I have to uncles by marriage who are elders and aren't at all like that. I like them. They're good to me and my sisters, and they were good to my mom.


  • geevee

    One time a CO told us [BOE] about a young "brother" who was under investigation who told the elders to "get Fu**ked". They wanted to DF him there and then due to his language. After some attempt, the elders were told that it is not grounds for DF ing..... funny thing! If you want to tell them to piss off, tell them, they really can't do anything to you that you don't allow

  • wozza

    Not in those exact words as I remember but here's what happened

    The elder I studied with to baptism had a teenage son who in time was caught up in fornication with a young sister who was known to be bad association. She seduced him ,and he was pretty innocent for a 17 year old witness kid because of his parents.

    So he got in to trouble and I got wind of it and got another brother to go see him to snatch him out of the hand of satan. What I did'nt know was some of the elders had found out too and called me and the other brother to the hall for an inqisition.

    Well when they started on me they accused me of usurping their headship waving Watchtowers in my face that had no relevance and one even started lying about related things!

    I tried to point out that I had told the young man to contact the elders after our personal discusssion ,and also that I did not know the elders had ,supposedly , the situation in hand . They just wanted to rant at me and wanted blood . They DF'd the boy even though after I had spoken to him ,he repented to them straight away!

    They hated the boys father who was Chinese /Russian descent and on the body of elders.

    I turned to one elder and told him he was a liar and why ,and the German elder I told him he did not apply what was in the Watchtowers said in this case ,and from memory said he acted like Gestapo. Well that did'nt go down too well ,and considering I was only newly baptised I was lucky not to get kicked out too.

    I still was a little rough around the edges and did'nt take shit from anyone ,so maybe I did tell them to fuck off!

  • Overrated

    My story is that I fell in love with a women in the truth who was not up to the standards of what the elder body thought. They did everything you can think of to break us up and prevent us from getting married. I was even employed by a brother(self righteous prick) and his elder ette wife giving my problems in getting married. I got married, quit working for self righteous elder and told the elders involved to go piss off. You won't see going to anymore of these damn meetings. I don't give a shit!

  • fulano

    Watch your language brother!

  • smiddy3

    In not so many words ,here is how it unfolded ,: I must have been getting close to I`ve had enough of this religion because : There was this elder new to our congregation who was in the same book study group we were in whereby another elder conducted the book-study and they were thick as thieves together and never gave me any thought or anybody else for that matter on a tuesday night when the study was conducted .

    It was at the end of a mid-week meeting ,Ministry school Service meeting and this new elder turned around to me and said "we must make an arrangement for me to come and visit you on a shepherding call"

    I looked at him and said " dont bother you have never given me the time of day at the book study so don`t come around now " and walked off .

    The look on his face when I said that to him was priceless.I`ll never forget it.

  • carla

    As a ubm I told a ms and an elder (separate occasions) to f-off, go to heck, and probably a few other things. Yep, sounded like a sailor (or satan I suppose) and I don't even swear that much in normal life. The crap was hitting the fan with my jw just joining up and I was a bit out of sorts. Odd thing is the elder I swore at seems to have gone missing, my jw in a rare short discussion (we no longer talk about anything jw related) said the guy isn't around anymore. I asked where he went and my jw said nobody seems to know. Maybe he is on this board now?

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