Expect 90% of pimi's to go down with the ship here's why

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  • JoenB75

    Germans most likely fought to the bitter end because they not surprisingly received a rough treatment. All the women raped and at least hundreds of thousands of POWs tortured and slaughtered. The Americans build the Wessies and the Japanese up because they knew that beneath the shame was some unusually strong allies against Sovjet.

  • 2+2=5

    Old JWs are extremely invested, it’s very much the sunk cost fallacy.

    Paradise earth stirs such emotion it’s hard not to invest, kinda like Tesla cars

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, I was exaggerating. There are still some Christadelphians in existence as it says in Wikipedia.

    Interesting that they are still able to snag a person here and there. Glad you got out..

    I still think the Witnesses are headed in the same general direction of obscurity.. They may never be totally ‘gone’ as in zero numbers..but their Day will be over.


    I feel sad for the Dubs who are left stunned, bewildered and lost if, IF....the Org burns to the ground, but...

    It needs to happen, even if some Dubs jump from windows and end it all. The Org is totally beyond reform and needs to be erased. I don’t give a shit about any “religious freedom” talk.

    Pick a side, the well-being of children or an American cult.


  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    In for a penny...in for a pound. May as well keep going now that we've come this far. Better the Devil we know than the one we don't know...it all winds up the same in the end.

  • Phizzy

    I had a long talk with my Elder Bro in law shortly after I had left, and his attitude came down to what was basically a " Pascals Wager" idea, he felt that even if they were wrong, he had hedged his bets, and lost nothing.

    I tried to reason that it was therefore a wasted life he was living, but that didn't get any reaction. Another Elder told me much the same, that he was quite prepared to find out that it was all wrong, and that this is in fact the only life we get.

    Over a decade later, they are both still in. I think with both of them, both well known in the wider JW community, all their kids and grand kids in, and both well known in the local "worldly" community, that Pride comes in to it, they will not admit they are wrong, and that they have wasted over 7 decades of life. Sad really.

  • alanv

    For me it was always a good social life before i left 20 years ago. Always ''friends'' to go around with. It was only after i walked away from the cult, that those friends showed that they were totally conditional friends, and completely shunned me. No glad now that i have real friends who will stick by me, and not get upset if we disagree on some small thing.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    I agree with your analysis, although I think the percentage will be a little lower in the event of a full WT meltdown.

    Here are the reasons for such a tragedy as I see them:

    1. Non-belief such as atheism is utterly inconceivable and simply not an option under any circumstances due to the existence, balance and complexity of observable nature.

    2. Joining another church, is just as inconceivable because from their point of view, Christians have been displaying their ignorance of a "paradise earth" for decades. JW's are unaware that 2/3 of all evangelicals already believe in an inhabited paradise earth , they just don't call it that. They call it by the biblical term "Millennium Reign". Yes, you read that right. Most of the people we talked to at the doors already believed in a paradise earth but were thrown off by a term that they were unfamiliar with. Hard to believe isn't it?

    3. The third reason that most PIMIs will go down with the ship is that they simply cannot conceive of living in a world shared by people who aren't as holy as they are. They truly imagine that NO ONE on earth except them gives a hoot about morals or doing things right. They are addicted to their elitist worldview and that my dear friends is the one illusion they will never give up. That is what really anchors the PIMI to the sinking ship...... their perceived unassailable moral superiority over others. They simply will not willingly share the planet with the filth that exists outside of "Jehovah's Organization".

  • JoenB75

    Yeah the majority of conservative Christians believe in a Armageddon and a paradise earth, with the exception that the billions slain are after this send to eternal torment. I guess when Armageddon seems so bad to JWs it is because they have not been taught that they as sinners without personal faith in Jesus are abominable before God, they have failed and crucified the Holy God and there is No way their eternal souls can live in the presence of the Holy God. There is however a growing group of mortal soulists among conservative evangelicals.

  • Vidiot
    slimboyfat - "...If on the other hand the Org was to collapse entirely, and suffer complete defeat, then people would walk away for the whole belief system entirely..."

    Agreed, in no small part because an utter-collapse-slash-complete-defeat would - arguably - be the most elegant proof that the WTS isn't "God's Exclusive Earthly Organization"...

    ...because if it really were, said utter-collapse-slash-complete-defeat shouldn't have been possible.

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