How much do Elders actually get along with each other?

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


    The other side of rotation was when the embicile was made PO, or secretary.

    Anyway, armageddon came in 1975 so there was no more time.

  • Diogenesister

    Elder dramas....oh boy. We had two elders who had been so for many years. They were both decent chaps in their way but oh brother! The squabbles they had with each other! they were like two old dears arguing over the garden fence. Looking back it’s all pretty funny, but at the time it could be quite exhausting trying to smooth things over!!!

    (my grandad worked with one, we called Wilson, my grandad didn’t really get on with him because my grandad was an old soldier and disapproved of Witness men of his generation being from WW2)

  • waton
    The other side of rotation was when the embicile was made PO, or secretary.

    rtn: yes, a realistic possibility, the surprise was though , that despite decoupling the desire or skill to dominate from the actual function, the great increase, cooperation happened.

    The local organisation did not collapse because nitwits were presiding. instead, slaves were slaving as "Jesus" had commanded.

    nitwits did not realize that there actually is politics going on in wt land.

  • Davros
    because my grandad was an old soldier and disapproved of Witness men of his generation being from WW2

    Diogenesister. Yes, I've met that type before. Never understood why these type of people would hold that against someone what they did before they were a witness. Many brothers and elders I knew when I was growing up were vets, and they got a lot of lip from those brothers that weren't during that time.

    (By the way..the downvote you got on your comment was an accident. Sorry, didn't mean to accidently click on the dislike button. I did like your comment)

  • minimus

    As a collective group, elders will often stick up for one another but privately acknowledge that Elder so and so is a weirdo. But unless everyone really detests him, he’s in da club

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I think some of those soldiers played the part. Not really repentant over past bad deeds. I missed the wars too. There is a bond made in combat that is unequaled

    Related: 2 good sisters make fun of my wife for being a virgin when we married. Believe me there are no regrets in our sex life.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Our town had two English-speaking and one Spanish-speaking congregation, all using the same kh. Elder in one hall rented a lake house to an elder in the other hall. The house was put up for sale. The renter wanted to buy it, and was able to arrange financing with a third elder. The elder who owned the house did not want to sell to the renter. Because the renter was wanting to buy at the price set at first; before the seller knew of the plan to purchase the house together and then flip it.

    Well there were lots of ins and outs, people took sides, the renter elder got marked in one cong but not in the other; people took sides over THAT. At the time I didn't even know what marking meant or how it was supposed to be carried out. There was a get together at a county park and we were all eating outside. The marked guy shows up and sat down next to me, started a trivial conversation. All of a sudden the p.o. from my kh and his wife got in their car to go. I went up to the wife and asked, Why are you leaving so soon? She said, "Well, we can't be seen to be talking to HIM, because then the observers would think the marking was over." WHA???

    Jeez it was supposed to be all hush-hush, and it was the main topic for months, or years. The whole thing went to court, I don't remember the details. But everyone in all three kh's was just scandalized over two brothers who were elders, fighting in court over a piece of real estate.

  • waton
    fighting in court over a piece of real estate. IomL

    Sounds like training for the start of the coming land rush in the paradise to come, or the scramble for seats at 8 am at assemblies.

    New world society in action.

  • DesirousOfChange

    It just hit me as I was reading this OP again that the greatest animosity I saw between elders was always between the elders of two (or more) congregations that shared the same Kingdom Hall. Those "other elders over there" were always the shit disturbers.

    Anyone see that?

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