Have Your Relationships Been Affected Because You Were A Jehovah’s Witness?

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  • minimus

    I’m just curious if you think your past life either adversely or positively affected your relationships?

  • Themeowmeow

    Hmm yes. It's hard to have a relationship in the Atheists.

  • minimus

    Who wants to hook up with an ex JW?? I think many ex JWs are better than someone might think

  • Olesatthewheel

    100% yes

    I’m a long time fader. Want to move in with my gf but know if I do my jw family will have nothing to do with me because we’re not married. This really puts a strain on my relationship with my gf.

    It gets on my tits that the jw freak show has such a hold on my life and I’ve been out so long.

    There’ll be those of you that’ll be saying that I’ve got to do what’s best for me but I feel caught between a rock and a hard place.

    So yes at present minimus it’s affected my relationship - and not for the best

  • Theonlyoneleft

    The answer would be yes yes yes to the main question 🙂....even though I didn’t stayed in the religion very long —phew!!!

    Meeting others friends or otherwise has proved very tricky until today... and I don’t think that will ever change for me.

    Maybe some will not agree with me (and that will be great!) but in my mind once you’ve dipped into that world (JWs) it just seems to follow you like a bad stench.

    It’s a futile fight as so many times just lurks there...ready to lift its ugly head ready to POUNCE once the chance presents itself. Urgh!

    I call it my ex-jw mind. 😖

  • lriddle80

    When I was in 3-4th grade, for instance, I started making friends, but since I wasn't allowed to hang out outside of school, they all eventually dropped me as a friend and told everyone I was weird. I took them to the guidance counselor and wrote them letters to try to keep them as friends, but it didn't work.

    I was an outsider at school and since I wasn't gung ho about being a Jehovah's witness, I was an outsider at the kingdom Hall.

    I have some friends now that I could hang out with more, but I mostly choose to be by myself. My husband and son are the closest to me.

  • Moster


  • contramundum

    I would say yes, definitely. I stayed in an unhealthy marriage far too long because of the JW mindset - trying to hide from my friends and family what was really going on underneath the surface.

    The strange thing is, the quirkiness in my nature that is an inevitable side effect of being in the cult was what initially attracted my new partner. The JW upbringing and subsequent release when I walked away has produced a unique combination of attributes and opinions within me which made him want to get to know me better.

  • Biahi

    YES too

  • LV101

    Has anyone read the Huffpost article posted by Anderson Info: Wednesday: Silent No More, Part 3? He certainly has a different opinion/analogy than most. Some interesting links under that topic. It's easy to find - Vidiot has bumped it forward.

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