The "New Light" alibi author -- man of 1,000 wives and concubines

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  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    By today's JW standards, Solomon could find himself in the Kingdom Hall's back room, answering to some judicial committee.

    'Unhappily, however, like the values of so many leaders today, Solomon’s values eventually changed. The Bible account reads: “He came to have seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines; and his wives gradually inclined his heart. And it came about in the time of Solomon’s growing old that his wives themselves had inclined his heart to follow other gods; and his heart did not prove to be complete with Jehovah his God like the heart of David his father.” '—1 Kings 11:3, 4. Awake! 2003, 6/8 p. 9

    Then, again -- by today's JW standards, Solomon will probably be resurrected.

    'What happened to Solomon when he died? The Bible answers: “The days that Solomon had reigned in Jerusalem over all Israel were forty years. Then Solomon lay down with his forefathers, and was buried in the City of David his father.” (1 Kings 11:42, 43) Hence, it seems reasonable to conclude that Solomon is in Sheol, or Hades, from which he will be resurrected.' The Watchtower, 2005, 7/15, p. 31

    Watchtower reasons his destiny based on the expression, "Solomon lay down with his forefathers".

    Sounds fair to me: haul him into the back room for the practice of egregious transgressions -- then resurrect him.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Nice to know that the apostate King Solomon is so highly regarded by wt as an inspired bible writer! lol!

    just saying!

  • blondie

    I was just noting that it was not a sexual thing, out of control, but a political thing which is why Solomon married so many women who were related to the rulers of Gentile nations, which led to his choosing to follow the pagan religions of his wives, also disregarding the law to Israelites not to marry unbelievers.

    Yes, the WTS will tell you the laws were different then and give excuses why god allowed it. But the same god forgave a man for adultery and killing his lover's husband to cover up his sin. Not that any other Israelite men would be treated the same under the Law code.

    Yes, it seems the WTS can determine who god will resurrect or not. Taking over the role of god. When I first read that excuse it was very similar to the excuse given why Joseph is hailed as a righteous man because he did not commit adultery although there was no written law against. His brother Judah on the other had sex with what he thought was a temple prostitute but was excused since his was not married at the time, was a widower. No mention of the woman being a temple prostitute, that having sex with her was participating in false religious practices. And to add to the hypocrisy, when Judah found out that she was his daughter-in-law the widow of his son (but promised to his younger son Shelah who was a young man too young to get married) so she had to wait until he grew up to have him participate in brother-in-law marriage.

    His daughter-in-law was smart and had Judah give her some items that would prove that he had sex with her, a woman he assumed was a temple prostitute. Judah was ready to kill her by fire for her so-called sin when she turned up pregnant, when his sin was more serious. But she was able to identify him as the one who had sex with her and fathered his own child. Remember Judah was promised that the seed would come through his line and his 2 other sons had died. So it was up to his third son to continue the family line.

    Fortunately, Judah did not kill her recognizing his sin was worse.

    Yes there are many examples of how Israelite men circumvented god's laws illustrating god's hypocrisy. Remember king Saul was killed when he disobeyed god, but Solomon lived because the seed was supposed to come through his family line.

  • waton

    read Song of songs 8:8. here a guy with ~2000 females reserved for him goes after a barely pubescent girl.

    Think of the 2000 males like the shepherd boy, --boy oh boy --what mixed up crowd, prolific bible writers.


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