Do you have a barking, snarling, vicious Brain-Dog too?

by Terry 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • Terry

    Yeah; you're right.
    Or one wolf with schizophrenia :)
    If you feed the one, the other is automatically fed.

  • Xanthippe

    My brain won't shut up if that's what you mean Terry. It makes it difficult to relax or leave something alone that's bothering me.

    I'm okay with it now, it saved me from a crazy cult and it's helped me learn about reality.

  • Terry

    Xanthippe -
    Maybe it's like metabolism. Each person has a different baseline.
    Mine is high octane and my head the racing engine that can't sit in the garage.
    The smell of burnt brain rubber lingers on...

  • Xanthippe
    Terry14 hours ago
    Xanthippe -
    Maybe it's like metabolism

    Maybe! Some don't seem to have any original ideas, others can't stop thinking!

  • Terry

    If I had to concoct an analogy ....
    Our DNA is analogous to a deck of playing cards.
    We are dealt a hand.
    Here is where it becomes interesting.
    Often in Poker, the absolute 'value' of the hand you hold is secondary to how you
    You might have a losing hand and play it as though it is a world beater.
    Conversely, a winning hand you may perceive as inferior to what others hold.
    A Lifetime is a series of 'showdowns' with wins and losses.

    We all have something to work with.
    Where I've failed on the whole is in the ambition department. I've worked seven decades to eradicate my feeling of inferiority. Some of it was bluff and other times guff.
    In between I learned, adapted, rope-a-doped, and re-calibrated.

    By the time I could play competently, I'd wasted a great many wonderful opportunities.
    I'm still alive.
    That's a BIG WIN all by itself.

    I am not my brain. I am the ghost inside. I haunt my perception of Self.
    Dreams, delusions, aspirations, beliefs, loves, are the formaldehyde in the jar where it all floats.
    Yeah - I went too far on that one.

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