"New light"?

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    This will be another 'epic' WT the JW's will use to strengthen their resolve and be tougher on 'fence sitters', let the guilting and fear-mongering get stronger.
  • Londo111

    It looks like the Ezekiel/Jeremiah/Isaiah "class" is now referring to the Governing Body alone.

    "During the time leading up to the destruction of Jerusalem, Ezekiel served as a watchman along with Jeremiah, just as Isaiah had previously done. Today, Jehovah is using a small group of his anointed servants to feed his people and warn others before the outbreak of the great tribulation. In turn, all of Christ’s domestics have a share in sounding the warning."

  • BluesBrother
    So I guess baptism is no longer the "mark for survival".

    Baptism alone never was "the mark" , in my experience .

    "Survival Into A New Earth" pp 96-97 (1984)

    No one will put a literal ink mark on their forehead. But when they have the symbolic mark it will be obvious to all that, as dedicated, baptized Christians, they have put on the “new personality” described at Ephesians 4:24. They have a living faith. Publicly and privately they endeavor to do what will honor Jehovah. Not only persons who have come out of Christendom but all, regardless of background, who hope to survive into the “new earth” as associates of the anointed class must have this mark.
    It was always the ongoing J W faith, not baptism alone This mag today says
    "In Ezekiel’s day, no one received a literal mark on his forehead. The same is true today. What do people need to do to be symbolically marked for survival? They need to react favorably to the preaching work that is taking place, put on the Christian personality, dedicate themselves to Jehovah, and loyally support Christ’s brothers. (Matt. 25:35-40) Those who do these things will receive the mark of survival during the coming great tribulation."

    The difference is the i.d. of the man who marks. It used to be the anointed but now it is Jesus, who is also one of the 6 executioners I do not get it, though.The Bible speaks of them as 2 characters- the marker a subordinate who did as he was told and reported back . Ezekiel 9.5 calls the 6 men "the others" (NWT 2013)Go figure?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Ah, actually it's based on your FS hours. The more FS hours you have, the better chance of your survival, it seems with the JWs.
  • freemindfade
    and loyally support Christ’s brothers

    in other words "do, and like, whatever we say without question or die"

  • blondie

    *** w86 9/1 p. 5 “Follow His Steps Closely”—How? ***

    Christians are likewise required to imitate Christ by getting baptized. Baptism is a sacred symbol, an outward sign of dedication. When we agree to work for a person or a firm, we first ascertain the requirements and conditions and often follow through by signing a contract. But without a signature, the contract is not binding. So it is with baptism—it makes our dedication to God valid. In a sense, like Jesus we say: ‘Look! I am come to do your will, O God.’ (Hebrews 10:7) We thus become God’s servants, his ministers!—2 Corinthians 3:5, 6.


    So being in the Kingdom of God is like joining a Firm? I'm sure the lawyers wrote that. By the way, has everyone watched "The Firm"???

    Is Sam Herd the "Wilford Brimly" of the group? If so, who's Gene Hackman, Tomo?


  • Fisherman

    So I guess baptism is no longer the "mark for survival".

    The JW article you linked speaks for itself, but it needs to be read.

    The "man with the ink horn" scripture that you reference in your post is only one of many scriptures that describes some facet of salvation that the Bible says is to occur at Armageddon. There are also many other scriptures that explain other aspects of being saved. The teaching of salvation from God's angelic executioners is a Bible doctrine that does not depend on WT interpretation of the Bible.

  • Tenacious

    The study is designed to induce fear of eternal destruction and therefore, parents, teens, and the undecided will run to get baptized and this in turn will increase their ranks and by default even more people will become trapped in their little cult web.

    Their day is quickly coming to an end and I just hope I'm alive to see it all play out.

  • cofty
    Marking, thanks.

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