whats your take? When someone asks my wife what religion she is, she seems embarrassed to say she is a JW.

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  • Vidiot

    @ Spectre...

    The old WT saw about "the World hating JWs because they (somehow) knew they had the Truth but resented it / would rather be wicked" goes back decades.


    Of course, it couldn't possibly have been because they found the actions and theology of JWs to be annoying or offensive...

  • wallsofjericho

    Oh yes I was this way

    She wants to fiT in. when she's at the kh she acts the way everyone expects and when she's around non-dubs she acts normal

    She may be battling a need to be accepted

    I remember this feeling starting my path of eye opening

    I couldn't understand why I wasn't so happy and bubbley like "all the other Bros & sis's"

    If I'm doing everything right why aren't I happy?

    I knew deep down I was faking it in the truth and I decided to PROVE it to myself I really did LOVE the truth

    Within about 3 hours of proving to myself I loved the truth I knee TTATT and I was mentally free

    It all made sense

  • BluesBrother

    My wife loves an opportunity to say that she is a J W... They all get it, the hairdresser, her doctor, anyone that casually asks "did you have a good Christmas?"

    Sitting in a coffee shop ,striking up a conversation with someone.... Inwardly I groan, but she is at least true to her cause .

  • carla

    I have never had a jw at my door who would admit they were jw's!! even though they were the ones who came to my door (even after being a do not call). I would have to ask a minimum of three times, "are you a jehovah's witness?" before they would finally admit it. My jw's response to my question about this? "well, if we told people we were jw's right off the bat they would close the door on us". I asked him if he didn't think the jw's reputation preceded them? he didn't understand, sigh......

    Talking with other non jw's about this they also agree that jw's are very reluctant to say just who they are! They can't understand why people are getting annoyed (pissed off) when they knock on our doors then refuse to say who they are with! I would say "can you imagine such behavior??!!!" but, yeah, you guys probably can. What normal person would think this is ok?

  • Spectre


    Well....dating myself here but it has been decades now since I went to a meeting.

  • Clambake

    I met a jw awhile ago and said ,oh your the ones who worship those seven men in Brooklyn? Right?

    Pretending I didn't actually know anything about it.

    I just got a stupid look and walked away.

    I facebook stalk the dubs. It's really amazing how many have no trace of being a dub.

  • LongHairGal


    I know how she feels because I was damn embarrassed and ashamed to say I was a Jehovah's Witness.

    Was this the beginning of my awakening? Maybe so. But, I felt damn stupid. Not only that, I wasn't so sure I believed what I had to say at the doors either. As time went on, my presentations were VERY brief. I also started to feel that I couldn't, in good conscience, tell anybody this was "truth" because I wasn't sure I believed it myself.

    I remember one time some woman asked us to get off her property, meanwhile I felt stupid just being there in the first place.

    What an idiot I was...I am glad this is all behind me.

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