Elders, oh my God what a bunch of losers!

by Crazyguy 30 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • BluesBrother

    Hmm , as another ex elder I can see some truth in both points of view expressed here.

    Back in the day, 1970's ,1980's I served along with some really terrific men. They had man management skills , compassion and we interpreted The Society's instructions with a dash of common sense. The less sensible were either voted down on things or learned and improved. Sadly that generation has grown old, replaced by born-ins with no experience of the world and no confidence to anything but exactly what they are told..Standards have tumbled dramatically .In my experience the good ones are few .

    One thing about jobs of a low level. Often that was a deliberate choice, not because they could not do better but to leave their commitment and energy to "The Truth" .

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