How are you all.

by Holden Caufield 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • Holden Caufield
    Holden Caufield

    How is everybody?

  • john.prestor

    You just feel like chatting tonight, Catcher in the Rye? I'm doing alright, drawing a little, working on a paper.

  • Tameria2001

    Well about as I can be for someone going through Menopause.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    How are you now Holden? I remember you identified too literally with your fictional namesake. Is the anger subsiding?

  • Vidiot

    "Good mornin'! How aaare we all today?"

  • tiki

    As well as can be expected given the circumstances.

  • Holden Caufield
    Holden Caufield

    I am okay I work at my local high school. Overall just trying to make next moves I am good. I am looking into some traveling.

  • Holden Caufield
    Holden Caufield

    The anger is still there at times.

  • Pit123123

    Hi from Russia.

    I am performing an important event.

    I'm acting brother. And I bring people from among the misguided. How?

    Here is the way:

    1. The truth must be told. about vile, bad, illegal action elders. Or another brother or sister.

    2. Constantly with your marriage partner to attend the gatherings (gathering together). And every convenient time. To criticize bad ideas, expressed brothers. All the time!

    3. You must pray.
    As the current brothers prayed in Russia to be closed Russian branch (filial).
    Of course your people are weak, effeminate, many are tolerant, and very naive as children. But rejoice. And your"s will succeed.

    Excuse my bad English. )

    be active, wise, brave. To lead, open your eyes to the truth of people from JW.

    Good Luck

  • jp1692

    I’m good. Thanks for asking. You?

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