By what authority does the Watchtower declare itself biblical interpreter?

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    We're God's reliable mouthpiece, but not prophet? Jesus inspected all faiths in 1914?

    Does everyone agree or is it more convoluted than that?

  • Vanderhoven7


    As I understand it:

    1. Jesus second presence and kingly rule began in October 1914 as suggested by world events and the interpretation of Daniel 4.

    2. Jesus rejected all churches in the fall of 1918, assigning them forthwith to be a part of satan's organization. However Jesus also found some, not all, but some fine spiritual food being distributed through the WTS

    3. In the spring of 1919 he appointed the spiritual leadership of the WTS in Brooklyn NY as His Faithful and discrete Slave of Matthew 24:45 to continue feeding his sheep. They therefore only among all so-called Christians have the right/mandate and ability to interpret the scriptures for true believers.

    This is what the Bible since Jesus trusts His F&DS, why shouldn't you?

  • pontoon

    That's easy. Two sources. Their own egos and authority given to them by the ones that believe them.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    A morose teen named Charlie sought answers for his sadness. He became very influential in gathering other needy people and declared himself Biblical interpreter. When he died his followers couldn't accept the ride was over so they accepted a man who was a taskmaster named Joe. He said he was assuming the mantle of "Charlie" the 7th messenger to the congregations. When he died it was a body of men who took on his work and deferred the biblical interpretation role to one of their number, Freddie Franz. After his death a group of men said they "all" were in the role of biblical interpreter. So today we have deluded men who say they are special. It's kind of like the Catholic "Apostolic Succession" for Popes but in New York State. Isn't that special?

  • Finkelstein

    Answer = by the Watchtower's own self imposed authority, yet this religious publishing house was deeply involved in false prophetic date setting of Christ's return (1874,1914), which in doing so is actually against Jesus's own instructions for preaching "His" Gospel.

    The WTS and designated sales representatives the Jehovah's Witnesses are a commercialized fraud.

  • kairos

    Yet, the GB just came out and stated they are not 'inspired' and make organizational and doctrinal errors.

    The truth is in plain sight, but:

    1. dubs aren't looking
    2. 'where would we go?'
    3. many have their entire lives invested
    4. many know TTATT, yet are trapped with threat of family shunning

    bad all around~


    Thanks all for your answers but if I may ask

    1. Jesus second presence and kingly rule began in October 1914 as suggested by world events and the interpretation of Daniel 4.

    On what authority do they interpret Daniel 4?

  • Chook

    Last Wednesday meeting of our fellow gb members flames appeared above their heads , so there you have it authority from above.

  • pontoon

    You said that wrong. Jesus second presence and kingly rule began Oct 1914 as instructed by watchtower. If not for watchtower you would not have given it a thought. No, WWI did not start because Satan got kicked out of heaven.

  • Listener

    Apparently they are the only men fulfilling that role, so it must be them.

    Humbly, they dont take on this role individually, rather, their individual power has been watered down to one seventh but only if they attend their scheduled Wednesday gathering at Watchtower headquarters.

    Only when they are right is it God's direction, when they are wrong it is from their human imperfection. How do we know the difference? Time will tell and then we know for certainty that if they were right, it was God's direction and if they were wrong it was their own imperfect direction. So we ought to stick with them because it will eventually sort itself out, sometime in the future.

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