Sister at Kingdom Hall visibly upset "they took jehovahs name out of song"

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  • JWdaughter

    "Thats not condescending at all"

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    Shame on WT don't they know it makes Jehovah sad when he is taken out of a song.

    When Jehovah gets sad he gets angry. It's not nice to make Jehovah angry.

  • Steel

    I have an uncle who is a pastor in a prison. It's a pretty sweet gig cause he is actually a federal employee complete with pension and benefits.

    All he had to do was spend nine years in university and bible school.

    It just laughable that people think saying the word jehovah is what Christianity is all about.

  • zeb

    It has ever annoyed me this use of the term 'Jehovahs name' what is his name then? I would not expect correct diction from the wt but they mean either his reputation or 'the name Jehovah'. Its not often I am picky just felt like it.

  • WTWizard

    They can take that foul name out of everything. In fact, they can take joke-hova out of everything they do. About all that thing does is binds humanity to enslave us all, and they are THANKFUL for that?

  • jwleaks

    We'll always have the singing trolley cart.

  • smiddy

    That was pathetic ,anybody watching that would run a mile wouldnt they? If they had a brain in their head they would anyway

    Maybe someone should remind this sister that Gods name they look up to was devised by a spanish monk in the 13th century , before that it was only four hebrew letters that never contained the letter J

    The letter sounding J does not exist in hebrew.

    The GB knows this but they are sticking with a bastardisation of Gods name instead of going with the more appropiate name Yahweh.

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    Tom honest the previous line was appalling. It always seemed to me that the gb was giving the "living god" a pat on the head "Jehovah our God, how well you have done!"
    How can you be arrogant enough to patronise your creator?

    I was thinking along the same lines.

  • tor1500


    I don't think I would have noticed it until I sang many of you know I'm a many call me an oxymoron witness... Don't quote me, but I think the witnesses or the society is really starting to see that Jehovah wants us to worship him and his son Christ Jesus...But through out the NT, it's brought out countlessly, any one who believes in the son, will have everlasting life...So far, the org. has been able to use Jehovah's name just to be in the know...Don't think the writers don't come on sites and see, what the scriptures really say...It's all about Jesus.

    Yeah, Jehovah just wants us to know who did all this...but he changed the game plan, Jesus is the good news...and yes, I Jehovah God (is Jehovah a jewish name, and would God name himself a Jewish name, God is not partial, not important, just a thought). Again, don't quote me but I think they are inching slowly towards into their doctrine Jesus Christ..They/we are call Jehovah witnesses...but in truth we are Christians, and what are Christians, those who believe in Christ Jesus...because if there was no Jesus, the bible would have ended right after the fruit episode.

    No Christ no Christians...I remember one of the brothers was talking in the lobby of the hall, and someone commended him on him mild and humble way about him...and he said, I'm just trying to imitate Jesus...Then a sister and I were talking and she was talking about how the org. and friends handle things, then she said, the org. is supposed to imitate Jesus...she didn't correct herself...I got the message...

    So all that to say, I think they are inching towards Jesus Christ name being used more now...since we are supposed to be in the last day and Jesus is now King, and he is the head of he congregation and he will give the GoVBoD., heads-up of when the GB/Armageddon will occur...Because you all do know that the Gov boys have a direct line to God...and he gives them hints of the last days....but somehow they can't seem to get it right.... So now they are going to make King Jesus their focus because he's the one coming back...they took out Jehovah and replaced it with doubt, the org. will explain that away...Just wait a few years...God will be replaced by Lord, then Jesus...

    Most of us will be gone on by the time they might get it right,


  • ttdtt

    Tell it was a stupid song with a REALLY dumb verse.

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