A Confrontation with Elders!

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  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Here is a post I found. Boy the wife has balls of steel ! You decide.

    {They stopped by yesterday to invite my wife to the memorial.

    My wife is fully awake thanks to one of my daughters! But her beef is not with the organization but with the bible. When she left she didn’t focus on the WT organization but instead she focused on the bible to prove to herself if it was inspired of God.

    The verdict; the God of the bible is a capricious killer of his own people.

    So we were sitting on our porch and two men get out of a car and start walking up to us. My wife tells me; it’s the Jehovah Witness elders. I already know my wife has a beef with Jehovah so I just sit back and enjoy the conversation;

    A little background; elders already know not to reprove or instruct my wife in my home. I’m not a jw.

    More or less how the conversation went.

    Elders; ----Hi (wife’s name)--- long time no see.

    Wife; yep!

    Elders; we wanted to stop by and invite you and your husband to the memorial.

    I said; I don’t go to stuff like that!

    Wife; Why in the world would I go and pay my respects to someone who had no problem killing seventy thousand children, mothers, and fathers, just because one of his stupid kings took a census?

    Elders; What?

    Wife; You know, King David took a census and Jehovah gets so mad that he gives David three choices and he has to pick one. Either Jehovah gets to kill a bunch of his own worshipers and servants with famine, or with the sword, or a pestilence.

    David asks for mercy but Jehovah says; “No way” PICK ONE!

    David picks pestilence because he feels Jehovah is more merciful than a famine or the sword.

    The results of picking Jehovah; -----Jehovah kills seventy thousand “Of His Own People who worship and adore him.”

    The look on their faces------Priceless!!!

    One elder tries to reason the way out of this by saying that the people Jehovah killed were probably bad to begin with or were about to turn bad and cause a lot of suffering to others. So he prevented unnecessary suffering!!

    But it doesn’t work because my wife catches him on his illogical reasoning.

    Wife; So Jehovah killed seventy thousand of his own people to prevent the suffering of many other innocent victims at some point in the future?

    Elder; Yes, because Jehovah always does things out of love.

    So tell me this, why didn’t Jehovah foresee that his angel (Satan) was going to cause billions of innocent people to suffer for thousands and thousands of years and stop all the suffering by just killing ONE ANGEL?

    Tell me; what would you think of a ruler today who had the power to stop his people from going hungry, helping them when they got sick, enforcing laws against wicked people who hurt innocent ones, but refused to do so for years and years, actually lifetimes, because he wanted to prove that his ruler-ship was the best? And every once in a while the ruler would lose his temper and kill millions of his people-like 607 and 70 CE.

    Elders, Silence!

    Elders; Well it was nice to see you (wife’s name) we better get going, people are waiting for us. You guys have a nice evening. They scurried to their car and took off.

    Hopefully they will think about some of the points my wife brought out. Not about the organization but about the violent god that they worship.}


  • flipper

    Your wife is very courageous. Kudos to your wife for speaking out against the ridiculous teachings of the Bible in regards to it's cold, egotistical " God " . If more of us ex-JW's spoke out personally towards the crazy JW or Bible beliefs- perhaps more of us would be left alone and not be bothered by JW's coming to our doors.

    Any time we expose either the Bible or the JW belief system as faulty, it's amazing how quickly we get put on their " do not call " list. lol. JW's haven't knocked on my door now since 2012. Which being perfectly honest, is a relief and a blessing all by itself ! Nice job by your wife Zing ! Give her our best ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    @ Flipper, This is not my wife or anyon eknown to me, as my Post said at the start I found this on another website.Liked the post and so wanted to share with all here.


  • flipper

    OK, my bad. Well, the guys wife had a lot of courage. Whoever she was. If any of us had that courageous of a wife, a man would be proud.Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • redvip2000

    great replies from the wife, but be honest, i'm surprised the elders didn't resort to the acrobatics that religious "delusionists" bring up when backed into a corner. You know, something like:

    "Well, just like a kid often doesn't understand the decision of a father, even though it's for his own good, we also might not understand Jellohoba's ways, but he does all things for our good as well."

  • ScenicViewer

    I liked the point about how Jehovah could easily have foreseen Satan's rebellion and just eliminated him to spare billions from suffering later.

    It was the perfect answer to the made up response of the elders that Jehovah was being 'loving' by killing his own people because they probably were going to be bad in the future. (What the elders said was ridiculous on so many levels.)

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    @ Redvip2000

    I just think that the presence of the unbelieving husband may also have been a deterrant (depending on how much he supports his wife in everything). I have known some elders to clear off when they know a husband has a clear head and will speak for his wife to fend them off. If elders can see that the relationship of a couple (one in , one out) is still pretty strong then they clear off.But most times this is not the case, the spouse who is in is not happy with the other who is out. So elders have field day. Just what I have noticed.


  • redvip2000


    Yes agreed. I think the fact the husband was there, probably caused the elders to not want to engage the wife in a debate any further.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    @ Scenic Viewer " I liked the point about how Jehovah could easily have foreseen Satan's rebellion and just eliminated him to spare billions from suffering later."

    At that time God's all Knowing Third Eye was shut so he could not foresee Satan's rebellion.


  • ShirleyW

    Brilliant !! Any time you shut the elders and they give you the "I've got to go now, have a nice day", you know you've won the argument ! Just did that a few weeks ago, to some "cart sitters" in the subway station, they didn't say they had to go, because of course they had to sit their a few more hours to get their time in, but I did get the have a nice day line.

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