Examining The WT Child Abuse Policy

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  • Finkelstein

    I wouldn't say a lot but the situation has drawn much attention of as late meaning there might be more to come.

    Each case has to examined on its own circumstances and mitigating involvement by the WTS's leadership polices..


    Another thing to consider is this:

    If Jesus directs the Elders, why would he direct them to put forth the bare minimum of effort to protect children?

    The Elders are supposedly the stars of Revelation in Jesus’ right hand, and “Dukes” protecting the sheep. Does the Dub you are speaking to actually believe that doctrine? If so, why would these Stars and Dukes do only what is required legally, just like the Pharisees? Where is the moral high ground??


  • Vidiot
    Data-Dog - "I am still surprised that Geoffrey Jackson agreed to an interview..."

    He was required by law.

  • Diogenesister
    Due to negative publicity, legal risk and financial ramifications the Watchtower Society is beginning to act on pedophilia. This was not instigated under the guidance of Holy Spirit, but pressure from outside sources. Stubborn adherence to archaic Watchtower tradition rather than common sense has put children at unnecessary risk.

    It is common for a Jehovah's Witness to say that this is no longer an issue as it has now been sorted out. But this response begs the question, "If Jehovah was behind the Watchtower Society would he have allowed these atrocities to continue unabated until brought to attention by the world's media?"
    I found this on Tapatalk, and it's a very good point. It talks about the 2007 case against watchtower regarding Rick McClean who abused multiple kids over a 20 year period. Kids repeatedly told elders yet nothing was done. 500 pages of documents regarding this can be found on watchtowerdocuments.com

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Children are precious.

    Sex abuse is a crime.

    Who will you protect?

    By reporting the crime to the authorities/ police (even IF there is no proof) the criminal is getting a rap sheet. Proof is building when others report. The criminal can be 'watched.' The criminal can be caught.

    Children can be protected when others 'tell' on the criminal. WT discourages and even intimidates congregation members from even mentioning it to others. Someone who 'tells" can get DF'd or "reproved" for slanderous speech. The criminal doesn't, they keep their mouth shut. (The victim is re-victimized! Go WT! ... NOT!!!)

    WT acts outside of governmental judiciary systems. It has it's own "judicial hearing".... right? Why are churches able to act "outside the law" and perform their own investigations?

    If WT wants it's "2 witness rule", let them have it... AFTER they have reported the criminal to the police.

    Think of the victims first, Watchtower!

  • Vidiot
    "...Due to negative publicity, legal risk and financial ramifications the Watchtower Society is beginning to act on pedophilia..."



    Acting correctly and ethically?

    I have a harder time believing that.

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