Emergency 'grab bag' campaign accused of scaremongering

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  • galaxie

    Awww cofty ye jist pit me aff ma canna broo an' swig o' buckie..ya kill joy ma days fxxxxxxd !!! ...lol ps I'm a weegie.

  • rickroll

    Social media users another name for losers.

  • WTWizard

    There is a big difference between preparing for common or reasonably expected emergencies, and preparing for Armageddon. Given how many countries' currencies have become toilet paper recently (including Zimbabwe, and numerous South American countries), it is not unreasonable to prepare for that with gold and/or silver purchases. You might prepare for the inevitable time when the lights go out, for a fire, or getting stranded in your car. A fire extinguisher might seem a waste of money, and that's one thing you hope never to actually have to use--but the one time you have a small fire that could have become a big one, it pays for itself.

    You might also prepare for things that inevitably are coming. You see immigrants coming to your area, out of control? What usually happens to the areas when this happens, and you are not supposed to do anything about it? Do you frequently endure hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, heat waves, cold spells, and wind/ice storms? Do you often experience rolling blackouts under certain reasonably expected conditions? What about the occasional earthquakes? Or, for that matter, the probability of them taking the whole Internet away or making it unusable or resembling cable TV?

    On the other hand, there are things that almost never happen. If you prepare for a tsunami in the middle of St Louis, that is just plain stupid because they are not going to experience such. Or, planning for some religious idiot that claims salvation on a specific date and not having any way for it to not happen is asking for trouble. Or, getting stuff that is way beyond your ability--you probably do not need to prepare for a medical emergency that you would not be able to do anything about if it does happen. (Aside from calling whatever emergency number you might have.) People living in the north do not need to prepare for an onslaught of Taipan or Mamba snakes (they do not live outside their native continents).

    Beyond this, many of those survival items or kits are scams. I have seen items that do such a lousy job that depending on them for survival is worse than not having anything, and Walmart is notorious for selling junk that will not work when you need it to. Or, they are for the wrong purpose--a bug out bag will not be useful in a bug in situation, and an urban survival situation will be different from a wilderness survival situation. Preparing for the wrong one is a waste of time, and you cannot prepare for every possible eventuality. Just prepare for the most reasonably expected situations (such as blackouts and whatever storms you frequently experience).

    And no, trusting in that reptilian monster called joke-hova is not going to prepare you for anything except for you to be used to prepare joke-hova to enslave the whole earth. Instead of preventing or preparing for a bad situation, trusting in that monster is working toward creating an even worse situation for everyone. And no one can prepare for it properly, no matter what.

  • redvip2000
    You might also prepare for things that inevitably are coming. You see immigrants coming to your area, out of control?

    lol..wow. it has come to this. Would that be an immigrant tornado?

  • cofty

    Galaxie - Howzitgoinbigman?

    What would go in a Scottish grab-bag? Must be a good topic for Tam and Stuart on 'Off The Ball' on Saturday.

  • galaxie

    @cofty..aye whit a perr guid banter,aah gie them ma ear offen...tam wid pack a wee bit o' Italian grub he recommends wan o' ma favourite restaurants in glesga' aw washed doon wi' a canna broo....cheers !

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