---  the queen, prettiest "king of the south" you have ever seen!

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  • waton

    When Daniel was discussed in the cherished private home "book study", that was the slogan that had been coined:

    Zenobia of Palmyra, the queen, prettiest king of the South you have ver seen, sung to some ditty melody. making, having fun then. but look now, not funny:

    Possible Queen/King of the south: 3 ladies:

    May, Merkel, Ursula von der Leyen*, new fangled "most powerful woman of the European Union"., a pretty trio. opposed by:

    Putin, Xi Jinping, Trump --- three "strong men" the northern triumvirate.

    total 6, an imperfect number. ha ha. (really nice radius/circle fun though)

    surely there is some way to find a line for the 3 men in the King of the North wt dy-nasties (for Trump through germany).

    * U. v.d. Leyen, not an "Atilla the Hen" but with a disastrous record as Germany's defence chief (Leyen Gorch Fock) and:-- sorry Macron.

    not endorsing, just observing.

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  • sir82

    I'll have what he's drinking.

  • waton
    Um... ..okay


    well since it is still ok for the ( not any more spirit directed ) top organizers of the organization to speculate on the King of the North,

    why not mix humour with wt new light and reality-- Putin/ Russia and co. in the northern corner of the ring, and Merkel, May and Leyem* in the softer south.?

    *her soft touch managements with consultants, the 4 year berthed Navy, G. Fock repairs bodes well for more softening of Europe to come.

    I'll have what he's drinking.

    sir82: not even one summer beer that day, just keeping the 89 year old synapses, neurons new by forming new funny connections.

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